The unknown wine route in Moldova

Moldova, until very recently, was one of the most rude countries in Europe. And although today its fame is not that it has grown excessively, it is true that it sounds more and more. And that is due to initiatives as interesting as following the wine route in Moldova. Walk their lands and It is a good opportunity to discover the history, landscapes and gastronomy of this country.

The wine tradition in Moldova

Interior of a Moldovan cellar

Before embarking on this wine route in Moldova, we will give some clues to understand that this crop is not new in the country. In fact, there is evidence that Moldovans already made wine during antiquity. This country between Romania and Ukraine has a perfect climate for the vines, so this tradition dates back to the night of time.

But nevertheless, In the 19th century the Tsar of Russia was going to make French winemakers come here to modernize the Moldovan wine production. That was the starting point of a development that today has led them to be a country that is among the 'top ten' of wine producers in the world.

The wine route in Moldova

After decades of being integrated into the Soviet Union, in 1991 he declared his independence and little by little it has been implementing policies to modernize. And obviously, these policies have also been aimed at making themselves known abroad and valuing their assets.

In this line we have to understand this wine tourism route in Moldova. It is a tour that includes visits to vineyards and wineries, in addition to interesting tastings. But, above all, it allows you to discover this amazing country. Follow us and we will tell you what awaits you there:

Chisinau, the capital

National Wine Day of Moldova

Surely, the way we enter Moldova is flying to its capital, Chisinau. Well, if you arrive on the first weekend of October, you will live there in first person the celebrations of the National Wine Day.

It is a festival similar to that produced in other wine producing places, such as Bordeaux. Of course in this case It serves to present all Moldovan wineries In the capital of the country.


Vineyards in Cricova

To the north of Chisinau, is Cricova. Here is one of the most famous wineries in Moldova. And not only for the quality of its wines, especially because it is a gigantic underground construction, perfect for the conservation of wine.

When we say gigantic, we say it literally. Inside there are more than 120 kilometers of corridors between bottles and barrels. Or, more than corridors, they are avenues with names like Cabernet Street.

Milestii Mici: record on the wine route in Moldova

Interior of the Milestii Mici winery

However, it must be said that there is still a larger winery. That of Milestii Mici, which not only appears in the leaflets of the wine route in Moldova, but also is in the Guinness Book of Records, since about two million bottles of wine are stored here. Awesome and intoxicating, no doubt!


Purcari wine

The previous wineries are still held by the state, as a reminder of the Moldovan communist past. But there are also other private ones, such as the one that awaits us in Purcari, south of the capital.

It is a site of exquisite beauty and where private initiative allows you to enjoy the most cozy accommodation and numerous activities related to wine and culture. Here you can enjoy quality wine tourism like the one that can be found in other areas of Europe.


Within Moldova is the Transnistria area. There they are authentic nostalgic of Soviet time, so much so that, although they are not recognized by the UN, they have their constitution, their currency and their army. And of course, its wine from the Kvint winery, whose origins date back to the end of the 19th century.

More places on the wine route in Moldova

This tour deserves to be done calmly to enjoy Moldovan landscapes that have a special attraction. And so, going without hurry, it's like you can visit the different wineries on the route, such as Asconi, that of Castel Mimi, that of Chateau Vartely or that of Et Cetera.

They are examples of the oenological tradition of the country and its tourist evolution, since they are increasingly more modern wineries and with more services to offer their visitors.

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