The most interesting theme parks in the world

Theme parks are spaces that group different types of attractions focused on a specific theme. They are entertainment, culture, education and leisure. And most include mechanical attractions, new technologies, shows and other points of interest.

In this places you can experience various emotions: fear, laughter, awe, learning and awe. They are there for families, groups of friends or tourists who want to break the routine and get to know something different.

We are not going to talk about the most famous theme parks. We want to show you those that stand out for their high level of creativity or originality, so they are an interesting alternative that we should consider when traveling. Here are some of them.

Futuroscope Attraction - Duc /

This theme park focuses on technologies most recent multimedia, in the audiovisual, cinematographic and robotic fields. It is located in Poitiers (France), between the municipalities of Jaunay-Clan and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou. Every year around two million people visit it.

There you can dance with robots that are 7 meters high in a space set with light games, mappings visuals and video projections. In addition to that, in Arthur, the 4D Adventure, it is possible to immerse yourself in a screen that combines simulation of movements with various effects and a projection in high relief.

In Dynamic! visitors experiment with flight simulators that have a shocking realism. La Forge aux Étoiles, on the other hand, was conceived by Le Cirque du Soleil and is a night show that takes place in a 7000 m² aquatic space with all kinds of effects.

In The world of the invisible the visitor comes into contact with everything that is hidden from our eyes because it happens very slow or very fast. Cosmic collisions, The art in Futuroscope, The time Machine and many other attractions is what awaits us in Futuroscope.

Xcaret show

Xcaret is also part of the most interesting theme parks. It is located in the Riviera Maya, about 75 kilometers south of Cancun (Mexico). It concentrates its activities in two large areas: a natural and a cultural one.

In the natural part, Xcaret develops protection and conservation programs. It also serves as a natural refuge for several species, some endangered. It has a natural coral reef aquarium in which the multicolored biodiversity of the Mexican Caribbean is appreciated.

Additionally, It has a lagoon with manatees, an aviary and a butterfly garden. This is complemented by the cave of the bats, the corner of the deer, the greenhouse of orchids and the island of the jaguars.

In the cultural zone, in Xcaret there is an anthropological area dedicated to the Maya, which includes a port, pyramids, buildings and walled remains. There is also a show that recreates the ancestral pre-Hispanic ball game. And it also shows the folkloric richness of Mexican music.

Everland themed area

Everland is one of the largest theme parks. It is located in the Everland Resort of Yongin, in the city of Gyeonggi-do. It welcomes more than seven million visitors per year. It houses different thematic areas, among which a zoo and an aquatic complex stand out.

In the area called ZooTopia everything has to do with animals. It includes a zoo that exhibits sea lions, polar bears, primates, tigers and penguins, among others. There are also ponies and shows where the protagonists are animals. And it has a space where you can see ligres (result of the cross between lions and tigers).

European Adventure is an area that mimics European architecture, along with its culture and gastronomy. This space has gardens, games, a train and a roller coaster. And you can tour the 'Mysterious Mansion', a dark place where the visitor must face ghosts.

Everland also has an area called Magic Land. There is a village with the characters of Aesop's fables, a ferris wheel, a channel with logs and a trip to the future in the company of a robot.

Finally, The Tulip Festival is celebrated in this theme park, which takes place in March and April of each year. This festival highlights the color and variety of spring through special shows such as parades, theater and musicals, among others.

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