The Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert

The Burning Man Festival is an event unlike any other you have known or imagined. It is an event that will take us to the Nevada desert, to a fictional city that only lasts a week. At that time, attendees are dedicated to sharing, living and creating. And, when the festival ends, everything disappears until the following year. Does it intrigue you? You want to know more? Well read on.

An absolutely different festival

BLM Nevada- Wikimedia Commons

When they propose a trip to a festival we think of well-known gastronomic encounters. And, above all, in music festivals where there are no performances. However, the Burning Man Festival of Nevada, in the United States, has none of that. It is a meeting where there are two key concepts: artistic creation and, above all, gifts.

His philosophy has a lot to do with the era hippie. While the Burning Man Festival is a later creation. In fact, originated between the 80s and 90s of the last century with two very different initiatives, one carried out in the sands of the San Francisco beaches and another in the sands of the Nevada desert.

Origins of the Burning Man Festival

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On the one hand, some young people gathered at the beginning of the summer at the Californian beach in Baker Beach in 1986. There they built a large wooden sculpture that represented a man, and then burned it. It was the 'burning man' to which the name of the festival refers. And, curiously, the idea has similarities with the celebrations that are made on the night of San Juan.

That first burnt sculpture they loved and fun repeated it in the following years, but making the figure bigger and bigger. Thus, there came a time that the authorities prevented them from making such a fire in an area with nearby vegetation.

At the same time in Nevada, others young people with artistic concerns began to approach the remains of an old desert lake, in the place of Black Rock City, to raise their sculptures there and set them on fire.

At one point, both groups met and decided to work together to create the Burning Man Festival, which has been taking place since 1997.

What happens at the Burning Man Festival?

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Every summer, tens of thousands of people flock to Black Rock City. And there an ephemeral city is generated. Attendees have to take everything they need there: their food, water, tents, caravans, cooking ...

Then they will have to take it all over again, including all the trash they generate. The objective is that at the conclusion of the Burning Man Festival there is no trace of it.

That is a norm of the festival. But there is more. For example, there are no sponsorships nor is it possible to do business. There is nothing sold there. Except ice and soft drinks.

Instead, yes barters are allowed or, rather, gifts are encouraged. Attendees can give or share their food or the crafts and works they do. And even his abilities to paint his nails or do massages.

There are no music concerts, as usual in this type of festivals, nor do stars come. The Burning Man Festival goes to ordinary people who want to live a different week, in an amazing twinning environment. An environment of which there are only photos, since videos cannot be made.

The central act of the festival

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And of course, There is a key moment. It is when the great sculpture of a man that is built every year is set on fire. The Burning Man Festival takes place on Saturday night. That night the man burns in flames and is the moment of greatest fun. Each gives its own meaning to an event that has an incredible visual power in the desert.

In fact, all attendees agree that it is impossible to see and live something similar anywhere else in the world. Would you like to check it out for yourself? Then start preparing this trip. We warn you that the entrance to the Burning Man Festival is quite expensive for the whole week. Also, getting there is not easy.

On the other hand, the place is extremely hot during the day, cold at night and with usual sandstorms. However, these inconveniences are forgotten once there. Or, at least, that's what the attendees of this festival have so radically different.

Video: 4 Minutes Inside the Madness at Burning Man 2018 (November 2019).