Halifax, a jewel in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of the most spectacular Canadian provinces there is thanks to its geographical location: on the one hand, peninsula and on the other, the Atlantic Ocean. Since the second half of the 20th century, tourism became one of the strongest pillars of its economy, along with fishing. And, in fact, it is one of the most important ports in North America.

Halifax, the capital (and also the most populous city) is a very interesting destination for those who like to explore the contrasts of nature and urbanism. The main attractions combine walks to virgin nature areas and cultural routes. Your boardwalk (better known as Waterfront) is one of the key points to enjoy the sunset, go for a walk, dine or enjoy one of the various shows that are usually organized there, outdoors.

Halifax, perfect for curious

Among the cultural offerings, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic stands out (founded in 1948), which is world famous for keeping, among its 30,000 artifacts, various treasures of the Titanic, from folding chairs to photographs and various documents. And if even after contemplating the exhibition you want to continue delving into the stories of the tragic shipwreck, tourists can visit the graves of the victims in the local cemetery.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic also has a colorful and friendly side. His two pets, a cat and a blue macaw greet visitors.

Now, Not everything in the museum revolves around the Titanic. There are also extremely interesting exhibits about the 1917 explosion that killed approximately 2,000 people and completely changed the history of the city.

Halifax, without a doubt, is A city delight for the most curious.

Another cultural reference that is worth visiting is the Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21. There you can see lists, dating from the early twentieth century, with data from immigrants from all over the world and that, in their At the time, they helped track the families of thousands of refugees and soldiers.

As for the spontaneous walks through the city, it is worth mentioning that these are full of music and color thanks to street performers: dancers, puppeteers, painters, musicians, sculptors, poets, and much more. A whole cultural experience! And if you don't want to walk it on foot, You can always rent an electric bicycle.

Safety pins

On the other hand, Halifax offers tours of international cuisine for lovers of good food, both in the city center and by ferry. Some tours include a visit to the Alexander Keith brewery (built in 1820) that ends in a visit to Stag's head, the Victorian tavern of Mr. Keith himself.

Photo courtesy of: novascotia.com

The Halifax Public Gardens are beautiful Victorian gardens that can only be visited from May 1 to November 1. Dream flowers, ponds, fountains and even stone bridges make this place a true landscape show; perfect also for photo shoots.

You can't talk about Halifax without neglecting the classic beauty of the Peggys Cove Lighthouse, the most iconic and photographed red lighthouse in North America that marks the eastern entrance to Margaret's Bay. This not only remains as a visual attraction, but is operated by the Canadian coast guard. It is located in the community of Peggys Cove, 43 km from the city center.

The leisure offer also includes sports activities such as: rafting, kayaking, hiking, among others.

Before travelling

Before heading to any part of Canada for a certain period of time, either for tourism or business, or simply to stop, it is necessary to review the documentation in order to comply with all immigration requirements.

One of the mandatory requirements is the eTA Canada, an electronic authorization or travel permit for travelers coming from Spain, Mexico, Chile and other countries. It is a very simple process that can be done online, since you just have to fill out and submit a short form. And although there is no need to go to the consulate or move to any agency, It will be essential to have a valid passport.

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