4 places to visit in Greece beyond Athens or the islands

There are many places to visit in Greece, one of the great tourist destinations in Mediterranean Europe. The reasons that invite you to explore it are varied. Its culture, the kindness of the Greeks, its incredible gastronomy or its good weather during most of the year are just some of those reasons.

Places to be visit in greece

When thinking about places to visit in Greece, the first thing we think about is the Parthenon or the white houses with the characteristic blue of the Greek sea. It is true that they are its main attractions, that they deserve a visit and that the trip you make to Athens, Santorini or Mykonos will change your life. But Greece is much more than those destinations.

Therefore, if you want to escape from the tourist massification of the capital and the main islands, If you want to discover other wonderful places that can be visited in Greece, join us.

1. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is located in the north of the country, about five hours by car from the capital. It is the second largest city in Greece and hosts the largest universities in the Balkans. Thus, If on your trip you want to include the occasional party night, this is an essential stop.

But not only that. And it is that the city was under the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman influence. Thus, there are numerous vestiges of ancient civilizations that remain throughout the city, such as the Roman forum, the arch of Galerio or the famous Rotonda church.

Further, do not leave the city without seeing the incredible views from Ano Poli, the highest part of Thessaloniki. Do not forget to walk along the sea watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world with the White Tower, the symbol of the city par excellence, in the background.

2. Meteora

Meteora - Tasos_Lekkas / Pixabay.com

This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places in Greece. It is a set of mountains on which orthodox monasteries were built. Meteora is located about 400 kilometers north of Athens and is a virtually obligatory stop on any tour of Greece.

There are many ways to visit the area. If you choose to go on your own, it is very important to rent a car to be able to move around it and stop to observe the views practically where you feel like it.

If you prefer to go with a guided tour, the visit leaves from the city of Kalambaka, the closest to Meteora and travels about 17 kilometers around the monasteries.

The entrance to the monasteries costs € 3 in each one of them. There you can enjoy paintings, clothing or historical objects. And you have to take into account the rules regarding clothing and schedules.

"The one who returns from a trip is not the same as the one who left."

-Chinese proverb-

3. Pozar

Pozar - Lefteris Papaulakis

One of the most beautiful (and relaxing) places in Greece is Pozar. It is about 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki, near the border with Macedonia. It is a place of hot springs not too frequented by tourists. The main feature is the contrast between hot and cold water, since it can be passed in an instant from 5º to 37º.

In addition, the environment is really special. Being in those waters observing the high and green mountains of the area is an experience that you can hardly live anywhere other than here. Therefore, if you want to relax from the long days of tourism that involves visiting Greece, Pozar is essential.

4. Skiathos and Skopelos

Skopelos - Tomasz Czajkowski

Skiathos and Skopelos are two small islands in the Aegean Sea, not as crowded as the famous Santorini or Mykonos. But they do not stop forming one of the most beautiful postcards of Greece, such as its blue waters and its unique houses on the sea.

To get to Skiathos, you can do well by air or by sea, for a price of about € 12 from Volos, one of the largest ports in the country. To get to Skopelos you take the same ferry, but for a somewhat higher price, since it is further.

As the last point of the Spores Islands, they were the shooting set of the famous movie Mamma Mia, based on the songs of the ABBA group. Therefore, if it is among your favorite movies, you should go yes or yes to Kalokairi, although in reality it is Skiathos and Skopelos.

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