8 essential plans to discover Athens

The Greek capital, one of the most beautiful and most historic cities in the world, has hundreds of different plans prepared for you. It is a place where antiquity (in the strictest sense) and modernity go hand in hand, creating a unique environment. We review the 8 essential plans to discover Athens.

1. Visit the Acropolis, essential to discover Athens

Parthenon - Anastasios71

The quintessential symbol of the city, and the country, is a mandatory stop on your visit to Athens. All the monuments that can be seen there are absolutely incredible and make you travel immediately to Ancient Greece.

The Acropolis can be visited freely, although if you want to discover all its secrets it is much more advisable to be accompanied by a guide. There are some tours in Spanish that also guide the Acropolis Museum, the most important and most visited in Athens.

«Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of the arts

and eloquence, native to famous mills. »

-Fragment of «Paradise recovered», by John Milton-

2. Stroll through Plaka

Plaka - Dina Saeed

Plaka It is, almost without any doubt, the most special neighborhood in Athens. It is located in the center of the city and is full of souvenir shops, taverns in which to enjoy the wonderful Greek cuisine (which we will talk about later) and many very interesting corners.

3. Discover the cathedral of Athens

Also in Plaka is the cathedral of Athens, perhaps a monument quite unknown but worth visiting. As a curiosity, in this cathedral was where Juan Carlos I married Sofia of Greece, in 1962. It is currently under renovation due to the damage caused by the 1999 earthquake that shook the city.

4. See the changing of the guard

Changing of the guard - MartinFuchs / Pixabay.com

Although perhaps the most famous changing of the guard in the world is the one in front of Buckingham Palace in London, the Athenian is the most curious. It is done in front of the Parliament, in Syntagma Square.

There, the Evzones, the Presidential Guard, they take over in front of the tomb of the Anonymous Soldier and dressed in his characteristic costume. Without a doubt, something to see in a mandatory way to discover Athens.

5. Know the Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine is one of the richest we can find in Europe. Strongly influenced by the Mediterranean culture, as well as by the Arab, we find dozens of delicious dishes to try.

Perhaps the most characteristic Greek dish is the famous Gyros, chicken or pork meat in strips, in a pita bread, with salad, potatoes and assorted sauces. You will hardly find one that you don't like, but you can't leave the city without trying Bairaktaris.

6. Watch Athens from the sky

Athens from Mount Filopapo - Guillén Pérez / Flickr.com

To say that from the sky it is perhaps too grandiloquent, but these two places that we propose you little move away. From Mount Filopapo you have wonderful views of the entire city, including the Acropolis.

But without any doubt, The perfect place to see Athens from above is Mount Lycabbetus. It has a funicular to climb to its top, but it can also be done on foot. Although it is exhausting, seeing how you go up to the top is a unique experience.

Definitely, the best time to do it is sunset, so you will enjoy the show that always creates the Greek sunset.

7. Enter the Panathenaic stadium

Panathenaic Stadium - Sergey Novikov

This athletic stadium was built on the remains of an old stadium. There the first Olympic Games of our era were held, in 1896.

This is a place that takes your breath away. Climbing to the top of their stands and observing the entire track makes us imagine without problem what it was like to see a race from there. Further, you can see the background Acropolis, which makes it even more special.

8. Visit a museum

Greece in general and Athens in particular breathe history. And one of the best ways to approach it is through the many museums that are scattered throughout the city.

Apart from the aforementioned Acropolis Museum, to discover Athens and its historyThe National Archaeological Museum and the Benaki Museum are also highly recommended, about the Greek civilization. The latter, in addition, is free on Thursdays.

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