Enjoy Athens: its atmosphere, its history and its gastronomy

Athens is undoubtedly the jewel of Greece, not only because it is its capital, but because it is a spectacular city with a special atmosphere, you look at it wherever you look. Today We want to make you enjoy Athens and, at the same time, pay homage to this city full of history and good people.

Enjoy Athens: their environment

Athens is a city full of life at any time of day, also at night. In areas like Gazi, Psirri or Plaka you can enjoy the nightlife of the Greek capital.

Plaka Neighborhood - Anastasios71

It is possible that the good weather in the city greatly influences it, because it has a kind of microclimate that maintains a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

This allows its streets to be full of people, terraces in restaurants and a healthy and fun environment in which to enjoy pleasant candles. Walking through Athens, day or night is a delight for sight, mind and smell.

"If it is true that the violin is the most perfect musical instrument, then the Greeks are the violin of humanity."

-Helen Keller-

And something that should be highlighted in Greece is the friendliness of its people, They will always be willing to help you with anything you need. Many speak English, and when it comes to customer service, they will always try to please you, because they take good care of tourists.

Athens and its gastronomy

Greek salad - Einladung_zum_Essen / Pixabay.com

And speaking of bars and restaurants, terraces and food, what better way to talk about the delicious Greek cuisine. Why You can't enjoy 100% Athens if you don't try some of their best known dishes.

Greek salad

Although there are those who believe that the more ingredients a savory salad has, the Greek salad is proof that this is not always the case. It only has lettuce, cucumber, tomato, black olives and feta cheese. Olive oil, salt and basil. Ready and delicious!


Moussaka - Tina H / Flickr.com

The mousaka It is the Greek lasagna, which is made with eggplant, and minced meat. The eggplant replaces the traditional lasagna pasta and the spiced meat with tomato sauce is the filling. The base is made of cooked and crushed potatoes and on top it has bechamel and partisan cheese that is baked in the oven.

Greek yogurt

There are many places where you will find it, but if you ask someone from the city, they will recommend the best places to try it. The most traditional is the one served with honey and nuts, although there will be many varieties from which you can choose.


If there is something typical in Greece it is the barbecue of various meats, such as skewers, sausages or chops. Usually, in restaurants they serve it for two people and its price is very affordableWell, you know that Greece is very economical.

Feta cheese

Do not forget to buy in a craft store or in any supermarket feta cheese. In Greece all the feta cheese that it sells is made by hand and it doesn't look anything like any other you've tried.

Enjoy Athens and its history

Athens Parthenon

You already know that Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, and therefore the story smells in any corner. You can walk through its streets and see archaeological remains that have a story to tell you.

Not to mention the spectacular monuments around the city. At its highest point is the Acropolis and the Areopagus. From them you can see other points of interest, such as the temple of Zeus, that of Athena, various ruins or the arch of Hadrian.

The Roman Agora or that of Athens are two incredible places placed on a green lawn mantle that gives a special vision. Also, do not forget to visit the emblematic Plaka neighborhood, the oldest and most typical of the city. It will make you fall in love!

As you see, Athens is a city full of charm, magic, culture and history. More than a place to see monuments, it is a place in which to know another way of living and where to be fooled by its spell.

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