7 beaches for dogs that you can not miss

Summer is coming, we are looking for a destination and we reserve a hotel, but will dogs be allowed to enter the beach? A few years ago the Coastal Law was modified, prohibiting the entry of dogs on the beaches in the summer season. Since then, many municipalities have been encouraged to enable dog beaches, and thus be able to enjoy with our furry friends.

Whether you are planning to enjoy a summer vacation on the beach, or if you want to escape a weekend with your pet to enjoy the beach, Here you have a list of beaches that you can go with your dog.

7 beaches for dogs that you can not miss

From the north to the south, different municipalities in Spain have enabled dog beaches. These are just some of the ones you'll find on the Spanish coast and in which you can enjoy your pets.

1. Playón de Bayas, Asturias

Playón de Berries - Oscar F. Hevia / Flickr.com

In the municipality of Castrillón we find this beach where there is an authorized section for dogs, in the westernmost part. This beach of almost three kilometers it is the longest sandy area in Asturias. It was declared a natural monument and in it you will be surrounded by a wonderful virgin environment ideal to enjoy with your friend.

2. La Rubina Beach, Girona

It was the first dog beach in Spain. It was enabled to respond to a service increasingly demanded by visitors who spend the summer in this small paradise on the Catalan coast.

La Rubina beach It is located in Empuriabrava. Both the beach itself and the place where it is located are part of the Aiguamolls del Empordà Natural Park. So, if you get tired of playing on the beach, you always have the option of taking a pleasant walk surrounded by nature.

3. L'Ahuir Beach, Valencia

Specifically in Gandía, we find this beach known as PlayaCan. It is one of the best canine beaches in the Valencian Community. It is a beautiful beach of fine sand adapted for the enjoyment of our dogs.

This dog beach is only open in summer, from June 15 to September 30, so if we go on another date we should look at alternatives such as El Brosquil beach, in Cullera, an hour from Gandía

4. El Espigón Beach, Huelva

El Espigón Beach - Carlos Jiménez / Flickr.com

Huelva is a booming tourist destination in recent years and in 2018 has enabled 2500 m² of beach for use and enjoyment with dogs. This area of ​​El Espigón beach, composed of fine sand, is open at any time of the day And it is an ideal place to spend the summer with our pets.

5. Arenal del Jortín, Cantabria

In Bezana, one of the beaches is located petfriendly prettiest of Cantabria. It is a small sandy cove of just over 100 meters, located next to the beach of San Juan de la Canal, in Soto de la Marina.

The charm of this beach is its location, surrounded by small cliffs and rocks, with a fine golden sand, great to enjoy a day at the beach.

6. Cesantes Beach, Pontevedra

Cesantes Beach - Furafolhas / Wikimedia Commons

The canine beach, in Redondela, is one of the most visited dog beaches by users. It is an area of ​​150 meters in the central part of the beach. In it we can enjoy both a quiet walk and a day at the beach.

And as we know that the north has an unstable climate, in this municipality of Pontevedra, alsowe can take a walk through its old town And enjoy some ciders.

7. Playa del Castillo, Málaga

In Fuengirola we find a dog beach less than 10 minutes from the city center. Next to the beach of Torre del Mar, it is one of the best rated.

Despite its small size, its fine sand makes it ideal to enjoy a day at the beach with your pet. It is also located in the Soheil Castle area, an imposing fortress with a viewpoint that you cannot miss.

"Dogs are good friends because they don't ask questions and don't criticize either."

-George Elliot-

These are just some of the dog beaches where you can spend unforgettable moments with your pet, but there are many more distributed throughout the Spanish territory.

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