Explore the beautiful beaches of Lamu Island

The island of Lamu is a true paradise located in Kenya.Among other things, for its idyllic beaches. However, you can boast to host many other charms that you have to discover calmly when visiting this place. Can you come with us? You may, after knowing what we are going to show you, encourage you to check it first hand.

Dream beaches on the island of Lamu and its surroundings

The island of Lamu has large areas to enjoy the bath. In all of them we can find practically deserted beaches, of fine golden sand. Beaches caressed by crystalline waters, soft and gentle temperature, so there is hardly any swell.

Shela Beach

One of the most prominent is that of Jadini, in the village of Shela, just two kilometers from Lamu. You can also take advantage of the place to visit one of its old mosques or the famous Peponi hotel, which is an ideal place of rest and stillness.

But there are many other fantastic beaches. Matondoni's is of great beauty. And it is also worth visiting that of Kipungani, which can be reached after walking the ten kilometers of walk that separate it from that of Shela, which we have just mentioned.

The island's surroundings

While in Lamu, we cannot forget its surroundings. A small treasure is the island of Manda Toto, one of the three main ones in the Lamu archipelago. And it is an ideal location for diving because of its beautiful corals.

Regarding the latter, Kiwaru Island also stands out. It is known for being part of the Kiunga Marine National Reserve, which covers no less than 270 km², covering an area with approximately 50 islands and coral reefs.

Tourism on the island of Lamu

Lamu Fort - Aleksey Dorofeev / Flickr.com

On Lamu Island you can not only enjoy its beautiful beaches, it hides corners of great interest. Essential place of visit is the old city, which is the oldest Swahili settlement in East Africa, so it has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

There you can visit the Riyadha Mosque, very important for its influential madrasa, founded by Habib Swale. But the oldest on the island is the Pwani mosque. Another place of interest is the fort of Lamu, built at the beginning of the 19th century.

On the island of Lamu you can not miss the Lamu Museum, where you will learn much more about Swahili culture and the history of the place, or the German Post Office Museum.

And, in addition to all this, you have to walk along the promenade to enjoy the atmosphere, go shopping at the local food market or stroll through the main square of the city.

Lamu and the donkeys

Lamu - Aleksey Dorofeev / Flickr.com

A very curious and unique space is the Donkey Sanctuary, dedicated to improving the quality of life of these animals. And is that the island of Lamu totally lacks cars, so the most used means of transport is the donkey.

Therefore, anyone traveling to the place will find these friendly animals everywhere. Mind you, keep in mind that They have preference over pedestrians. And care must be taken not to get us ahead, despite its slow speed.

How to get and move around the island of Lamu

Lamu City - Stanislav Lvovsky / Flickr.com

From the port the island of Manda ships to the island of Lamu. There are two options: catch fast or normal boats. The latter are the cheapest option. Also, keep in mind that the place is not far away, only about thirty minutes.

Already on the island of Lamu, and as we have seen, The best way to move is by walking or riding a donkey. Also, to move to other islands of the Lamu archipelago we can make use of the available boats. Therefore, there is no excuse for not knowing in depth this paradise site of Kenya.

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