We invite you to the best amusement parks

We hope to have children so that our perfect alibi is "take them to a park" ... when we really want to go! But the best amusement parks in the world are designed for the whole family. No matter how old you are, you can always enjoy its facilities, games and performances. In this article we tell you which are those that you cannot miss ... Visit them before becoming a father!

Amusement parks around the world

They are magical, they are amazing, they are mysterious... so many adjectives can define that we would spend hours! Better check out this ranking with the most impressive amusement parks in the world.

1. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World - Andy Castro / Flickr.com

Of course. Saying amusement park is synonymous with Disney. It is undoubtedly the best in the world, as well as the most visited and largest that exists so far (and we don't believe it will be overcome in a long time).

It consists of 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and 24 hotels. Walking it is the dream of children ... And also of adults!

2. Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure - Scott Smith / Flickr.com

Located in Orlando, Florida (the amusement park region par excellence), it is part of the Universal Orlando Resort complex and opened in 1999. Starting from its main port You can travel five different islands to live adventures and wonderful experiences.

The most chosen are Harry Potter Island and Jurassic Park. You can also see various characters during the stay, including Popeye, Captain America and Merlin the Magician.

3. Europa Park

Europa Park - delawega / Flickr.com

It is located in the German city of Rust. It is divided into 15 areas and each of them is named after a European country. Today offers 16 roller coasters and more than 100 attractions. The most amazing is called Blue Fire. Catapult visitors at 114 kilometers per hour ... in just 2.5 seconds! Of course it is not advisable for fearful.

4. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood - Stuart Sevastos / commons.wikimedia.org

In Los Angeles, California, cinema is breathed. There's no doubt. This amusement park also serves as a studio to shoot various films (of the oldest in the city). On your visit you can reveal the mysteries of the seventh art and learn how the special effects of many movies were made.

Children can also get on 3D simulators and live an incredible experience with the Minions or Shrek.

5. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris - Gian94g / commons.wikimedia.org

If you live in Europe and cannot travel to the United States, do not worry. On the outskirts of the French capital there are two theme parks similar to those in Orlando: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Disneyland Paris is the most visited park in the entire continent and allows you to explore the 5 magical lands in search of all kinds of adventures.

"You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to turn the dream into reality."

-Walt Disney-

6. Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando - Brett Kiger

Next to the Islands of Adventure, it forms a large park in Florida. In addition to offering shops, hotels, discos and restaurants, in this attraction created in 1990 you can take pictures with characters the likes of E.T. or Terminator

But don't believe that there are only films of the last century ... The current films also have their place here! Do not miss the recreation of Springfield, the city of The Simpsons.

7. Beto Carrero World

Mundo Beto Carretero - Mikaeladeki / commons.wikimedia.org

It is the only theme park in South America and is located in Brazil, specifically in the state of Santa Catarina. It was opened in 1997 and can be classified as "multi-thematic". It has 14 hectares of surface and It is divided into three parts: a zoo, an amusement park and an entertainment area (has 7 shows daily).

You can't stop doing the train ride that takes you all over the park emulating different scenarios (Far West, Tarzan, land of giant animals, dinosaurs, etc).

8. Legoland

Legoland park -jean schweitzer

You can choose between the six parks that honor LEGO worldwide. The first one opened in the Danish town of Billund (near where the toy factory is). In Europe there are two more: one in Windsor (England) and another in Gunzburg (Germany). Two Legoland were built in the United States: in California and in Florida. And the last one is located in Malaysia.

Take out the child inside you and enjoy these magnificent amusement parks. They are all spectacular!

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