Orlando, the city of amusement parks

Orlando is synonymous with fun, having fun and amusement parks like the ones you can't meet anywhere else. We want to show you all the options you have for fun in this fantastic American city. Are you with us on this vertigo tour?

It is possible that when we hear about Orlando The first thing that comes to mind is the image of Disney characters. But nevertheless, If you are a fan of amusement parks, be prepared, because in this city there are many.

The best amusement parks in Orlando

Seaworld - Chad Sparkes / Flickr.com

We recommend you rent a car. Although you can use public transport for some of the parks, it is more complicated, you will lose more time and its schedules may not allow you to fully enjoy the parks you visit.

Rental cars in Florida are cheap and the fuel is too. What better way to take advantage of it and enjoy your stay to the fullest? We begin our tour.

1. Disney's Magic Kingdom

Disney's Magic Kigdom - Xiquinho Silva / Flickr.com

Although Orlando is much more, we could not start the list other than talking about Disney parks, for its magic, its originality and of course, its fame.It opened in 1971 and its fame, far from waning, has been increasing. It is the best known, the classic, the usual Disney park.

It is not considered a heart attack amusement park, since It is aimed at children, but it is visited and loved by children and also by adults.

2. Epcot

Epcot - Marcel / Flickr.com

It also belongs to the Disney factory and is dedicated to a multicultural world, because he dedicates his space to know and live other countries. You can stroll through regions of different cultures, ride in thematic tractions dedicated to these countries and eat dishes from different places.

In it you will find some attractions are heart attack, This park is more dedicated to adults, although it is also ideal for visiting with children.

3. Universal Studios

Universal Studios Orlando - Brett Kiger

Who doesn't want to dive into the recording of a Hollywood movie? Or see how special effects are made and everything that leaves us speechless in the cinema? Well, this is your chance to find out!In this park you will live unique experiences that will make you feel like a true Hollywood artist.

4. Disney's Animal Kingdom

This is a park that fascinates children and adults. It is a kind of safari in which to see animals in freedom, but always with the landscapes full of inspiration and magic created by Disney.

5. Seaworld

Seaworld - Alain / Flickr.com

Despite what many believe, this park does not belong to Disney, although it is not less spectacular. It is one of the best known in Florida and also the most desired.To visit it, you cannot forget your swimsuit because without it you will be nothing here.

You will see dozens of shows with killer whales and dolphins, you can throw yourself in slides, water roller coasters and endless attractions you will enjoy, but all with water.

6. Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World - Brett Kiger / Flickr.com

Who didn't dream of being a little Harry Potter-style wizard? Now you can live an exciting adventure in the park dedicated to the little wizard and called "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter."

If you are looking for a place where there is magic and where to relive one of the best sagas in history, this is the place you are looking for. You will visit the castle, the village of Hogsmeade and enjoy many attractions of Diagon Alley.

7. Islands of Adventure Theme Park

Islands of Adventure - Kai Dietrich - Flickr.com

This is without a doubt «The Park». In it you can experience together what you would experience in all other parks individually. You can learn magic in a school, live with dinosaurs, ride the dizzying roller coasters, cross with apes or enter the world of superheroes.

It is one of the most famous parks in the city and also one of the most desired by adventurers. You can not lose this!

«Do not sleep to rest, sleep to dream. Because dreams are to be fulfilled."

-Walt Disney-

These are just the most famous parks in Orlando, but there are even more in the city, from water parks to roller coaster parks. If you are looking for adventure and fun, do not hesitate, Orlando is the city of your dream trip.

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