The most incredible amusement parks in the world

We will enjoy the most incredible amusement parks in the world. And it is not just for children, there are many adults who cannot resist their attractions. We want you to join us on a tour of some of the best, so be prepared to release adrenaline because this will be a heart attack trip.

The most amazing amusement parks you can visit

Although when we talk about amusement parks, Disney quickly comes to mind, the truth is that around the world there are many magical places in which young and old can be happy for a day. We take you to some of them. Ready?

Pleasure Beach Blackpool

Pleasure Beach Blackpool - Ali Harrison /

This amusement park is in the United Kingdom and thanks to its 125 attractions it has become the most popular in the country. It is full of adventures and things to do. For example, in it is the highest roller coaster in England, ideal for the most daring.

On the other hand, the little ones can live with the characters of their favorite drawings in the land of Nickelodeon. And if something sets it apart from other amusement parks, it is its specialty in magic and hypnotism shows.

IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure - Jeremy Thompson /

Dubai is an amazing city that has advanced by leaps and bounds in technology and luxury, so one of the most incredible amusement parks had to be here. With 140,000 m², It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world.

What can be found there? Well, practically everything, from heart attack roller coasters to attractions never seen before. For example, here you can get on the Velociraptor, the fastest roller coaster of the world, capable of reaching one hundred kilometers per hour in just 2.5 seconds. Do you dare to try it?

Beto Carrero World

Beto Carrero World - MTUR Destinations /

This is the largest amusement park in all of Latin America. It has 1416 hectares in which fun and adventure are guaranteed. It is located in Brazil and the highlight of this place, without a doubt, is the Chicote de Fogo roller coaster and the Big Tower.

Also, thanks to the privileged location of this park, nature is one of its main protagonists, creating a magical environment.

Universal Studios

Island of Adventures - Scott Smith /

We couldn't make a list of the most amazing amusement parks in the world without mentioning the Universal Studios in Orlando. It is one of the best known parks and sought after from the world by all moviegoers.

All the experiences that you can live here are unique and unrepeatable, since there is no other place in the world where you can do it. Further, you will know some of the scenes of films as famous as those of the Harry Potter saga, among other.

Y in Islands of Adventures, the technology is the protagonist. The 3D shows are present in each of its corners, as the most visited of the place, which is Spiderman.

Europa Park

Europa Park - Jeremy Thompson /

In Germany, this original theme park is located. Here its roller coasters stand out, which occupy a good part of the park. If you want to release amounts of adrenaline, be sure to visit it. In this park the fun of heart attack is guaranteed.

Further, The park is divided into several thematic areas reminiscent of different European countries and where you can see the typical architecture of each one of them.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens - Steve Parkinson -

Located in Copenhagen, east It is the most famous park in Denmark, thanks to its high-rise attractions. From them you will see the city, while enjoying the nature present in it.

Here, in addition, concerts with big stars are held. Artists like Lady Gaga or Elton John have passed through it. If you plan to visit the Danish capital, be sure to visit this place.

"Tell me how you have fun, and I'll tell you who you are."

-José Ortega y Gasset.

Have you already chosen your favorite among the most amazing amusement parks in the world? In any of these places you will have a great time. We already know which one we will visit first! And you?

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