7 stunning photos of rocky mountains

The Earth is full of landscapes of undeniable beauty, and part of it is concentrated in the rocky mountains distributed across the five continents. We have selected some of the most outstanding to offer you the most spectacular photographs of them. Can you come with us?

1. Rocky Mountains, Canada and the United States

Lago-Moraine, Canada - Alberto Loyo

This mountain range system is located in North America, occupying its western part, and constitutes one of the most emblematic landscapes of the area. It is not for less, since its landscape wealth makes it an essential tourist.

In fact, in the Rocky Mountains five national parks have been established, four of which have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1984. These parks are Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park and Kootenay National Park. The fifth, and no less impressive, is Waterton National Park.

Rock formations in Zhangye - Rat007

Also known as Rainbow Mountains, are located in the Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park. Part of them were registered as a World Heritage Site in 2010.

The unusual beauty is the result of the pressure of sandstone with minerals for more than twenty-four million years. A colorful and, of course, stunning landscape.

Halong Bay - JunPhoto

The panoramic view of Ha-Long Bay is of a singular beauty. Entering its greenish or crystalline waters - it depends on the area - mounted on a boat and moving between the various rocky mountains is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world.

Without going any further, the bay is declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. In addition, since 2011 It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Yu Shan - Kriangkrai Thitimakorn

From a natural wonder we go to another that is among the twenty-three finalists of that recognition. And is not for less. Jade Mountain, as it is known in Spanish, has a great diversity of flora and fauna. Among the fauna, the bamboo forests that are found in some sectors of its peaks stand out.

On the other hand, With an elevation of 3,952 meters of altitude, it is the highest summit in Taiwan, so it is one of the best options for those who like mountaineering.

Caucasus - Yulia Kamyshnaya

The Caucasus mountain range, llocated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, It has a very varied landscape depending on the height and distance to the water with respect to where we are. Of course, rock formations are common, but we can also find glaciers or volcanic areas.

Given its long length, nothing more and nothing less than 3,000 kilometers in length, The peaks that form it are numerous. One of the most emblematic for its prominence is that of Ushba, belonging to the region of Georgia.

The Alps - Mikadun

It is one of the most beautiful landscape enclaves around the world. Its rocky mountains coexist harmoniously with meadows and other environmental interests, as well as with buildings built by man.

Further, They offer many tourist possibilities such as skiing, hiking, cable car ride, visit the villages that are in them ...

"If when crossing a mountain in the direction of a star, the traveler is absorbed too much by the problems of climbing, he risks forgetting the star that guides him."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-

Urriellu Peak - marvlc

In Spain we could talk about the Picos de Europa, which extend through Cantabria, León and the Principality of Asturias. They consist of three massifs - the Urrieles, the Cornión and the Ándara -, among which mountains, forests, rivers, fountains and lakes of great beauty are distributed.

We must highlight the lakes of Covadonga, which can be reached from Cangas de Onís; the Route of Cares, a path carved into the rock that borders the canyon drawn by the river of the same name; or the viewpoints of Fuente Dé and Ordiaselo, which offer the best views of the mountain range.

Video: Incredible Emerald Lake: Rocky Mountains Landscape Photography (October 2019).