The 5 sacred mountains of Taoist religion in China

China is a country in which religion plays a very important role. However, the concept of religion they have there is very different from what is known in the western world. Today We want you to know the sacred mountains of Taoist religion in China. Places full of spirituality in fabulous surroundings.

These are the sacred mountains of the Taoist religion

You already know that China, its history and culture, are surrounded by legends. From these mountains it is believed that they were originated by Pangu, which according to the Taoists was the first living being and the creator of the world.

Of course, its location and orientation is important, because you are they have to be in line with geomancy, as indeed they are positioned. This is a method of divination that consists of throwing stones, sand or earth and that these create spots that give rise to something. You need to be an expert to interpret yourself.

Geomancy speaks of a vital energy. In the case of China, this is known as the feng shui, a strategic way to place everything in order to find our inner self and our spirituality.

These five mountains are the following: Mount Tai (east), Mount Hua (west), Mount Heng Hunan (south), Mount Heng Shanxi (north) and Mount Song (center).

1. Mount Tai

Mount tai

It is located to the east and, therefore, it is related to the sunrise, which means rebirth or renewal. Visiting this mountain and meditating and praying on it is undoubtedly the best way to remove all negative energy and resurface to a new dawn of life. Or so says Taoism.

It is believed that this mountain was created based on the head of Pangu, the creator of the universe according to the Taoists.This mountain was declared a World Heritage Site for Unesco.

A curiosity: only five Chinese emperors managed to reach their peak. In her there are different temples that have been place of pilgrimage for more than two thousand years.

2. Mount Hua

Mount hua

This mountain, located to the west has to do with the sunset, and it is believed that Pangu's right arm is its base. As well there is a belief that this mountain can give you immortality if you are able to finish the dangerous pilgrimage route to its peaks.

People say that Here you can find medicinal plants to treat deadly diseases. Therefore, many specialists in traditional medicine come to this place.

3. Mount Hunan

Mount hunan

This mountain is actually a mountain range composed of 72 peaks. For being located south it has to do with spiritual and personal progress.

Therefore, a visit to this mountain and its temples, along with the meditation and cleansing of the mind, it will take you to be constant in your work and achieve your goals in life.

4. Mount Heng Shanxi

Heng Shanxi

It is located in the north and is believed to be Pangu's left arm. It has two important summits of more than 2000 meters high.

It is not as important as others because due to its difficult access, many pilgrims decided to go to other mountains To make your spiritual path. However, it has been a sacred place for more than 1800 years.

5. Mount Song

Mount song

The last of the sacred mountains of the Taoist religion is the one located in the center. It was the most visited by emperors, who believed they could be protected from evil spirits. This mountain also has the largest collection of stupas in the world.

Legend about Pangu

Surely you are curious to know more about the Taoist religion and its sacred mountains. As well, the legend of Pangu and base of Taoism says so:

«In ancient times there was neither heaven nor earth. The universe was an egg-shaped chaos where the great god Pangu was brewing. When he was born, he broke the egg into two halves, the light matters rose to form the sky, and the dense ones fell down to form the earth. After a thousand years holding the sky, growing every day and separating it from the earth, his body died to give rise to what we know today.

His left eye became the sun, the right the moon, his last breath was transformed into clouds, his words into thunder and his hair into stars. His head, arms and feet created the four cardinal points, from his blood the rivers were born and from his tendons the roads ».

In this legend the existence of the five sacred mountains of the Taoist religion is based. Do you dare to visit them? Without a doubt, it will be one of those trips that you will not forget.

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