A route by car through the Rocky Mountains in Canada

Ready for a different trip? We cross the Rocky Mountains in Canada, the mountain range system that crosses the continent parallel to the coast. During a few days of travel you will have the opportunity to know the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine: mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and much more. We start!

The Rocky Mountains in Canada, perfect place for a car route

The Rocky Mountains cross the entire American continent, that is, part of Canada and the United States. They even reach New Mexico. The region that we are going to know is the Canadian, located between the border of Alberta and British Columbia.

Lake louise

This space is located between two national parks of great importance. The first one, the Banff, is the first tourist center that existed in Canada and one of the most visited every year. The second is the Jasper National Park, of greater extension.

Both are natural paradises where it's about preserving wildlife as much as possible, with hardly any performances of man. Other parks also stand out, such as Yoho Park or the Kootenay.

Since 1984 The Rocky Mountains in Canada are a World Heritage Site. For all those nature lovers, traveling here is one of the best experiences they can ever live.

In this place you will know landscapes that you will not be able to see in other corners of the world. And also, you can see them at their best. No matter the season of the year, at any time the Rocky Mountains will receive you showing you a spectacular image: waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, canyons, mountains ...

Rocky Mountain Route

If you want to fully explore the Rocky Mountains in Canada the best way to do it is by car. Public transport in this area is scarce and, although you always have the opportunity to hire a route, the most comfortable (and cheap) way is the car.

If you have your own means of transport you have more freedom and you can make the trip at your own pace. In addition, there is hardly any traffic and you will not have problems to circulate.

Where to start

Morraine Lake

To start your route by car through the Rocky Mountains we advise you to do it thinking about the natural parks that you are going to visit. If you are going to start at Banff National Park, you can leave from the town of the same name.

From here you can enjoy Lake Minnewanka and start your route through the magnificent lakes of Canada. Your next stop will be the Vermilion lakes, the perfect place to witness the sunset.

Get ready to travel roads that will show you incredible landscapes. On the way you will cross the lakes Louise and Moraine, which invite you to stop, walk through the forest and go hiking. Especially the last one, which offers you a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains in Canada and ten mountain peaks.

What else to see during the route?

Jasper National Park

Once you've seen Banff National Park, We advise you to continue with Jasper National Park. More unexplored, but that doesn't mean it's not as pretty as Banff.

The best is that Between one park and another you can enjoy Icefields Parkway, considered by many to be the most beautiful road in the world. It has a length of about 200 kilometers and you can not avoid stopping several times to enjoy the landscape.

Once in Jasper Park, We advise you to visit the Sunwapta and Athabasca Falls. Also the Maligne lakes (and Maligne Canyon), Patricia Lake, Abraham and Medicine Lake, among others.

Do you have time left over?

Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park

If you plan to take a trip through the Rocky Mountains in Canada for more than a week, you can take the opportunity to also visit Yoho National Park. Here you must visit Emerald Lake. It is a unique place to witness one of the most special nature phenomena in the world: the Northern Lights.

From this lake surrounded by mountains you can glimpse how its colored lights are reflected in its clear waters. We also advise you to enjoy Yoho Lake.

As you have seen, the car is the best means of transport to visit the Rocky Mountains. If you want to see all these landscapes it is the fastest way and that gives you more opportunities to see everything. What more advice do you need? Watch that you have everything ready in your backpack, because the rest will be all adventures! Get ready!

Video: A Rocky Mountain Scenic Drive - British Columbia Canada (October 2019).