The 7 most inspiring mountains in South America

It is not easy to choose the most inspiring mountains in South America. The continent, crossed completely by the Andes, is an impressive collection of reliefs, Whimsical and surprising, which give rise to beautiful places. Not only are the summits, but also the spectacular natural environment where they are located.

Most of the mountains of South America They are also home to fabulous species of flora and fauna. Likewise, they comprise a very interesting cultural diversity, since they have often been sacred places of ancestral communities, or current seat of ancient peoples.

Within the most inspiring mountains in South America there are two who dispute having the summits highest in the world. Others are also a must for lovers of climbing and mountaineering. There is something for everyone, and we present our selection right away.

Mount fitz roy

It is also known as El Chaltén hill, and It is located in the Argentine Patagonia. It is north of the Glacier National Park, on the borders with Chile. It is considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the world.

It has an enigmatic beauty and a majesty that overwhelms. Its ridges dispute the heights with clouds and glaciers, forming an impressive spectacle. Take stunning colors, depending on the lighting of the sun.

Chimborazo - Alma Aprátrida /

The Chimborazo it is the highest mountain in Ecuador and the furthest point from the center of the Earth. If measured from this center, it is the highest mountain in the world, surpassing Everest. It is surrounded by a wildlife production reserve, and that is why it is the delight of mountaineers.

The skirt of the mountain faces the Pacific coastal lands, on the one hand, and towards the Amazon rainforest on the other. Without a doubt, one of the most inspiring mountains in South America.

Sierra Nevada - Stateless Soul /

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta It is located in northern Colombia, in the nature reserve of the same name. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Seeing the Caribbean from above is a show that has no comparison.

There inhabit several indigenous cultures that keep their customs almost intact. The exuberant nature of the place, as well as the magical corners, Lost City among them, make it fully worthy of being among the most inspiring mountains in South America.

Aconcagua View

The top of Aconcagua It is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. This fabulous mountain is located in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. In the past it was a sacred place of the Inca Empire.

It is called "The Roof of America" ​​and It is the mountain with the most lives in the continent: Approximately three people die each year on the climb to their summit. In the ancient Quechua language, Aconcagua means "stone sentry."

Alpamayo - Cristian Ordenes /

For many travelers in the world, the Alpamayo is the most beautiful mountain in the world, and so it was declared by the magazine Alpinismus, in 1966. It is not for less, if we consider that this Peruvian mountain offers a spectacle of total whiteness and impetuosity.

It has 14 ascent routes and is craved by climbers across the planet. Look from where you look, it has a captivating beauty, especially when the afternoon falls and the sun colors it.

Torres del Paine

Who visits the Torres del Paine, never forgets them. They appear in several rankings As one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is located in southern Chile, in the Magallanes region. It is, in fact, the most important national park in that country.

The mountains, the glaciers, together with the flora and fauna, offer a show that is difficult to describe. It has several lakes of such beauty, which have become famous throughout the world.

Monte Roraima - daniderio /

Mount Roraima is the highest point of the Pacaraima mountain range. The summit is only 34 kilometers long, but covers three countries: Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. It is one of the oldest geological formations on Earth, and has a beauty that leaves you breathless.

The place has a unique fauna and flora. Several species of butterflies are endemic and there are several types of forests upholstering the route. References to the place inspired the novel The lost Worldby Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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