The highest ski resorts in the world

Skiing is a sport that is fashionable and available to anyone who wants to practice it. Knowing which are the best ski resorts is something that every lover of this sport wants to discover. But in this case, we want to talk to you about the highest ski resorts in the world. Do you already have the equipment ready?

We climb at highest ski resorts in the world

One of the factors that determine that one track is better than another for experts in this sport is the height of its tracks. Thus, let's quote some of the highest ski resorts in the world.

1. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain - Stefan Geens /

This ski resort is 4,700 meters high and is located in China, specifically in the Himalayas. Yes, you can enjoy it in the same mountain range where Everest is located, the highest mountain on the planet.

The highest peak in the area where this station is located measures 5,596 meters, almost nothing! The station has four ski passes, one of which reaches almost the highest point, 4,680 meters, specifically.

A feature of the mountains that host this, one of the largest ski resorts in the world, is that they always have snow, resembling a silvery white dragon, where its name came from.

2. Gulmarg Resort

Gulmarg - Jatin Shah /

In India we find another one of the highest ski resorts in the world. It is the second, since it is 3,980 meters. It has 30 kilometers of tracks with 1,330 meters of unevenness.

An unevenness offers very diverse landscapes. On the one hand, steep blades that will delight anyone who is an expert skier. On the other, you can enjoy a descent through the foot of the mountain, through a forest of trees that fight to stay alive in an icy terrain reminiscent of Canadian nature.

3. Breckenride

Breckenride - mploscar /

This white giant is found in Colorado, United States. It reaches a maximum peak of 3,914 meters. It has about 1,177 hectares with 150 ski kilometers, a Halfpipe and a snowpark.

This beautiful town is located between four mountains where snow is really perfect for skiing, and where we can find clues for all levels.

Further, the town is beautiful, picturesque and with a lot of day and night life, so entertainment will be assured, even if one of the group is not good at the sport in question.

“Is it possible that something exists before the snow? Before that implacable purity, implacable as the message of a world that we do not love, but to which we belong and who is guessed in that sound still brother of silence. ”


4. Zermatt-Cervinia

Zermatt-Cervinia - ShutterMonKey ™ /

It is impossible to talk about the highest ski resorts in the world and not to talk about Switzerland. The country became popular because it was the destination chosen by celebrities to make their first steps in the world of this sport. And we already know that when celebrities choose a place it is because something very attractive has.

Zermat-Cervinia is 3,899 meters, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, from where you will enjoy incredible landscapes that seem to want to curl the place in their arms.

It has 350 ski kilometers and 2,337 meters of unevenness. Therefore, it has become the most sought-after ski resort by experts. The bird's-eye town seems out of a story, and is full of life, guaranteeing fun even after an intense day of skiing.

5. Loveland

Loveland - reid.neureiter /

Its name means 'land of love', and when we see the landscape that it gives us, we understand why. It seems taken from a postcard, as if it were something unreal, But no, it is not. This is not only one of the highest ski resorts in the world, but one of the most beautiful.

Although its slope is not much - only 600 meters - its tracks are quiet and have terrain for various levels of skiing experience. This may be due to not being as well known as Colorado, for example, but it is appreciated to find a place of peace in which to enjoy skiing.

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