Ski resorts in Switzerland for lovers of this sport

The ski resorts in Switzerland are famous, not surprisingly the Alps have a truly spectacular beauty. There are famous winter destinations with a lot of tradition, such as Zermatt and St. Moritz. Would you like to visit them by our side? Get on our skis!

Switzerland, a country of winter sports

Gstaad - Ursula Perreten

The ski resorts in Switzerland they are ideal and familiar places to be able to spend a magnificent vacation. In addition, as it is a country that accumulates a lot of snow, it makes it possible to enjoy a long season for skiing. It goes approximately from the beginning of October until the end of May on many occasions.

Most of the country is occupied by the Alps. This means that there are many ski areas. The Swiss country is known for its not too high peaks. There are not many beyond 4,000 meters. In addition, from the highest levels we can enjoy magnificent views.

"It is no more who gets taller, but he who is influenced by the beauty that surrounds him, feels more intensely."

-Maurice Herzog-

The ski resorts in Switzerland

Ski resorts abound in a mountainous country like Switzerland, with thousands of kilometers of slopes for all levels. We look at two of the most famous and busy areas.


Zermatt - Rio Murr /

It is situated in the canton of Valais, near the Italian border, and at the foot of the huge Matterhorn. We talk about a pedestrian town without cars, which can only be reached by train, an important factor when you want to breathe the pure air of the Alps and thus have a quiet holiday.

The most pleasant is to get lost in the streets of the town and see its shops. Here, everything is taken care of and a wonderful landscape can be seen from the Matterhorn. His 4,478 make him a true king of the mountains in Europe.

The ski slopes in Zermatt come to exceed the expectations of the most demanding. The three skiable domains (Sunnegga-Rothorn, Gornergrat-Stockhorn, Schwarzsee and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise) are perfectly connected in the highlands.

A) Yes, skiers can enjoy 360 kilometers of great landscapes and clues of different difficulties. We can all access them easily from the town.

The best and most spectacular ascent in any month of the year is that of Gornergrat, which is done thanks to a cogwheel train that reaches 3,089 meters high and, in its wake, leaves us great views of Monte Rosa and the glaciers.

The most daring can go to the Paradise glacier area and Monte Rosa, since it is ideal for a descent that goes from 3,900 meters to 1,620. All this makes it one of the most uneven descents in the world.

St moritz

St. Moritz - Mike Fuchslocher

The ski resort of St. Moritz is in Graubünden, the largest canton in Switzerland, on the border with Austria and Italy. We are facing the most elegant station in the world or, at least, the one that most important people gather in their best days. Very high prices and all kinds of services characterize this station.

St. Moritz is a mythical place for snow fans. The birth of a little over a century in the middle of the Swiss Four Valleys has been making it consolidated as a perfect place for sports and holiday centers.

In fact, it is so important that even it has hosted the winter olympic games. Four ski world champions have also emerged from their slopes.

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This station, if we analyze it a bit, seems to have been designed for experienced skiers. It has a large number of wide slopes, perfect snow and different levels. Anyway, it should be clarified that 80% of the slopes are for advanced skiers, especially red.

One of the most attractive is Hahnnensee, which is five kilometers long and 1,500 meters high. It's worth launching on Corvatsch or even going outside the track if you have a level.

What do you think of these ski resorts in Switzerland? Do you dare to discover a wonderful country with a fantastic nature? Each descent will have everything, emotion, beauty, impression… Without a doubt, this country must be taken into account if you are passionate about snow.

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