What to take for a desert hike in Merzouga?

Making a raid through the desert in Merzouga is one of the most attractive experiences that can be lived on a trip to Morocco. This is a territory of sublime landscapes, of lands as beautiful as hard. So do not miss it, but travel there in conditions, with appropriate equipment to enjoy the moment and not end up being a suffering.

How is the desert in Merzouga

Dunes in Merzouga

The desert in Merzouga is the most topical image you have about this kind of inhospitable landscapes. It is a sea composed of fine sand dunes. A beautiful space.

But nevertheless, It can become a real torture if we are not prepared. Especially for the very high temperatures that can be reached there during the day, when no matter how much we look we will not find a glimpse of shadow.

Tips to survive in the desert in Merzouga

Maybe you don't have to be extremists and the word survive is an exaggeration for travelers like you, that you will enter the desert in Merzouga integrated in a group of tourists accompanied by a guide and with perfectly prepared tours.

However, although in principle it is not a matter of life or death, the truth is that these tips can save you trouble and, above all, they will allow you to enjoy much more of one of the most amazing places you can visit. If you are going to travel to the desert in Merzouga, take note of these tips:

Clothes and footwear

Merzouga excursion

The normal thing is that when you go on an excursion to the desert in Merzouga, at least, the overnight stay in the typical Berber jaimas is included. A highly recommended experience, but that means that you have to provide clothes for day and night.

During sunny hours temperatures can greatly exceed 40 degrees. But at night it will surely refresh, and in certain months, much more than you imagine.

So for the day you have to wear cotton and breathable clothing, if possible loose and light colors. Meanwhile, for the night you will have to wear warm clothes and even ask if it is necessary to carry a sleeping bag.

As for footwear, when you hire the desert excursion in Merzouga you will know what kind of activities you are going to do. Surely there is no missing route on camels, 4 × 4 trips and a small hike.

Surely the heat makes you think of the comfort of some sandals. Well, no, the best are some hiking boots since it is a very bad way to walk. In addition to that you will also avoid the possible entry of bugs.

A backpack for the night

In this type of desert incursions in Merzouga you have to carry all our travel luggage. But it is better to avoid moving the suitcase and, above all, open it, since it can be filled with sand.

We recommend you carry a backpack for the night clothes, the change and an essential flashlight. And it is also good to carry plastic bags for certain devices and prevent the entry of sand.

Solar protection

Merzouga Dunes

When we talk about useful sun protection in the desert in Merzouga we don't talk about a simple cream. It has to be quite high factor sun cream. And you can't forget good sunglasses. They must be optical because cheap ones can be harmful.

In addition to all this, you have to wear a hat or a turban To cover your head. The bigger the better, a cap may be insufficient.

Sand protection

If you look at the population used to life in the desert in Merzouga, you wear cotton turbans that can cover your ears, mouth and nose, leaving a small strip for the eyes. It is not just to get rid of the sun. It is also to protect yourself from sand, which can enter through any hole in the face and become a problem.

Water: essential in the desert in Merzouga

If something defines the desert is the absence of water. You have to take each one. And once there, you have to drink it little by little and at room temperature, and even in the form of hot tea to make the body feel better. It may seem like a paradox, but cold water would be very bad.

In the end, It is best to follow the guide's advice and look at what he does. That will be the best way to fully enjoy the beauty and hardness of the desert in Merzouga.

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