An incredible journey through the deserts

Large areas of sand ... sun and heat ... camels and cacti. That's what we imagine when we think of deserts. But not everyone is the same even though these "details" predominate! Are you thinking of making an incredible journey through the deserts? Then read this article to know the most wonderful.

The best deserts in the world

On all continents we can find them and each one of them has something that highlights it or differentiates it from the rest. You don't know which one to visit first? Here are the best deserts in the world. Take note!

Sahara, Africa

Of course I could not stop being the number 1 ranking. Maybe you didn't know, but saying "Sahara Desert" is a redundancy ... Because "Sahara" in Arabic means, just, "desert"! Is the largest in the world, with an area of ​​more than 9 million km²... impossible not to miss right?

Sahara Desert - Steve Photography

The Sahara is located in North Africa and separates this continent into two large areas: Mediterranean to the north and sub-Saharan to the south. Do you want to know how old this huge desert is? More than 2.5 million! It covers 11 countries and is composed of sand, gravel and dunes. Daytime temperatures can reach 52 ° C and nighttime temperatures at -30 ° C.

Cappadocia, Turkey

A truly unique place in the Central Anatolia region. When they tell us the word "Cappadocia" we automatically relate it to the hot air balloons flying through the sky and their constructions made in the rocks. Residents live in caves even in the 21st century. It should be noted that this beautiful Turkish place was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985.

Cappadocia, Turkey - Dziewul

If you are lucky enough to go to Cappadocia you will find a landscape that looks like another planet. Land has accumulated strangely over millions of years. Don't miss the artificial and natural caverns!

And to continue traveling in time (but not as much as the beginning of the place) imagine that It has been a commercial route during centuries.

The desert sand is for the weary traveler the same as the incessant conversation for the lover of silence

- Persian proverb -

Atacama, Chile

To the north of this South American country we can find the driest desert in the world. It is located in the Antofagasta region between two rivers: Copiapó and Loa. It is an extremely beautiful place and has an area of ​​105 thousand km².

Powerfully attracts the attention of travelers arriving in Atacama the fact thatIt is framed between the coast and the Andes, as is the case in all of Chile.

Atacama, Chile - Atacama Desert

It is one of the points chosen to run the Dakar Rally And besides, if you're a fan of astronomy, you can't stop looking at the stars in one of the cleanest skies on the planet ... Almost like a 3D movie!

Wadi Rum, Jordan

It is known as "the valley of the moon" and is located in the south of the country, 1600 meters above sea level. The entire region of this desert is formed by granite and sandstone. Since 2011 it is a World Heritage Site.

Wadi Rum, Jordan - Kim Briers

Would you like to learn how human beings lived in prehistory? Then you have to travel to Wadi Rum. Petroglyphs can be seen on the walls of the caves made by the Nabateans and the Bedouins.

In this region some films such as Lawrence of Arabia were filmed in 1962 and Red Mars in 2000.

Great Victoria Desert, Australia

Among the words that can define this place we have: arid, inhospitable and uninhabited. It is a desert located in the south of the country with lots of sand dunes, salt water lakes and extensive meadows.

Its area is almost 450 thousand km². Temperatures are around 40 ° C in summer and rains are almost non-existent (less than 250 mm per year).

Victoria Desert, Australia - N Mrtgh

There live groups of Australian aborigines, so if you dare to spend a few days in the area you can learn a lot about their customs and culture in general. As last data, He was named "Great Desert of Victoria" in honor of the Queen of England, in 1875.

What desert would you like to travel to discover thousands of stories and enjoy unforgettable adventures?

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