7 curiosities of Singapore that will surprise you

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, a small state that is considered one of the best places to do business. Its urban planning is enviable and its capital is a city with a lot of attention to detail. It has one of the most impressive skylines in the world with eight skyscrapers that exceed 200 meters high. Would you like to meet her? If your answer is yes, you should know some curiosities of this city.

7 curious facts of the impressive Singapore

1. A spectacular architecture

Singapore - joesayhello

In Singapore you can find several stream architecture. It is common to find religious constructions alongside minimalist and avant-garde structures. For tourists and their own, the architecture of the city is an important attraction that represents their culture and daily life.

This city-state has been designated as paradise for lovers of design and architecture careers, because inspiration is born in each of its corners.

2. It is possible to be fined for “almost anything”

Singapore - Prasit Rodphan

This is recognized as one of the cities that applies the most fines in the world. So if you are a tourist, you should know the rules and laws of the country before visiting. One of the most striking prohibitions is to eat chewing gum.Since 1987 you can be fined for chewing gum and you cannot buy them because their sale is prohibited.

In addition, there are so many prohibitions, that souvenirs that graphically detail the most important prohibitions are marketed, such as not smoking in open places, eating or drinking on public transport or eating durian (a typical fruit that smells bad) or crossing the streets through non-enabled areas.

3. It has a great tourist structure

Singapore - São Paulo

If you want to visit Singapore you will not have problems to find a good structure of services for the tourist. It is a country-city that has only 707.1 km² of extension and has a little more than 4 million inhabitants. Here more than 10 million visitors arrive every year.

Its different economic and tourist activities occur in some 30,000 hotel rooms from different categories. This is one of the reasons why thousands of young people go to this city to study Tourism and Hospitality.

4. Four languages ​​are spoken

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This is a country where people are polyglots, because In it four official languages ​​are spoken: English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

It is one of the best places to learn English and at the same time know other languages. This is possible because throughout its history and until it reached independence, It was a colony of several countries and part of the mark they left was their language.

"The use of travel is to regulate the imagination for reality, and instead of thinking how things should be, see them as they are."

-Samuel Johnson-

5. The largest artificial waterfall in the world

The waterfall found in Jurong Bird Park is the largest in the world. It is a 30 meter high waterfall that recirculates through a meandering stream. The waterfall falls on a series of levels, which creates the perfect environment for water birds, plants, fish and other life forms of the aviary.

6. It has the largest source in the world

Source of Wealth - Sam's Studio / Shutterstock.com

Among the many attractions that Singapore has, you cannot miss the Fountain of Wealth located in the Suntec City shopping center and which is recognized as the largest fountain in the world. It is 14 meters high and sometimes the water flow stops so people can walk to the center of the structure on some runways. There you will find coins that attract wealth and good luck.

7. The world's first night zoo

The Night Safari is the first night zoo in the world. It was inaugurated in 1994 and it is not a simple illuminated zoo, but a natural environment of 40 hectares where the visitor can see the wild fauna of the tropical jungle When night falls

The essence of this park is that 90% of tropical animals are nocturnal and it is at night when they are most active. The visit can be done on foot and by tram, in addition to the animal sighting there are several shows that are worth seeing, such as the “Creatures of the night”.

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