Singapore Flyer, we got on the ferris wheel of Singapore

The Singapore Flyer is the second tallest ferris wheel in the world, so it offers magnificent views of the city-state of Asia. Getting on it, moreover, is an essential activity for anyone traveling to Singapore. Next, we tell you everything you need to know about this ferris wheel. Are you with us on this high trip?

Origin of the Singapore Flyer

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The Singapore Flyer was conceived at the beginning of the 21st century, although the project was almost completely paralyzed due to the difficulty in obtaining funds for its construction. We had to wait until 2005 for the project to resume, thanks to the money obtained from two German banks.

Gradually it was taking shape and was completed in 2007, with the installation of passenger capsules.The ferris wheel opened in 2008, in an act attended by the then Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong.

Unfortunately, at the end of the same year the ferris wheel was rendered useless as a consequence that the motors suffered a short circuit. A breakdown that trapped more than one hundred and seventy people, who had to be mostly rescued.

However, although it has suffered other breakdowns and technical failures, currently has an alternate system to avoid such incidents, so that those who venture to climb the Singapore Flyer only have to worry about enjoying the extraordinary views that are seen of the city-state.

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The ferris wheel looks similar to the London Eye of London. However, its height is somewhat greater, it reaches 165 meters compared to 130 of the English construction. It can also boast that it was the tallest in the world until in 2014 it was exceeded by the Las Vegas High Roller, 167.6 meters high.

On the other hand, the Singapore Flyer measures 150 meters in diameter and It has twenty-eight compartments that can accommodate the same number of people each. They can thus take a half-hour tour to glimpse the best points of interest in Singapore.

And if there is luck and the day accompanies, You can also see nearby countries. That is, Malaysia and Indonesia.

«Travel is travelers. What we see is not what we see, but what we are. ”

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All those who want to get on the Singapore Flyer should know that It works every day from eight thirty in the morning to half past ten at night. To do this you have to buy a general ticket that costs 33 Singapore dollars. Those over 60 or children under 12 can enjoy a price reduction.

In case of being a large group or wanting more privacy, visitors also have the possibility to rent an entire cabin, for what you have to pay about one thousand Singaporean dollars - one thousand five hundred if it is at night or some day of the weekend.

Regarding its location, The ferris wheel is located on Raffles Avenue, which can be reached by taking bus lines 111, 106 or 133; or the green and red subway to the City Hall stop. From it you only have to walk about ten or fifteen minutes until you reach the Singapore Flyer.

Other interesting aspects

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A good opportunity to access it is during the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Singapore at the end of September. In this way you can see the cars compete for the circuit at the foot of the ferris wheel while enjoying, for example, the views of the bay from the sea.

Around it there are places of interest that are worth visiting, such as the Esplanade Opera House, one of the most reputed in the world; the Raffles Hotel, which is the best exponent of the colonial era of Singapore; or the Merlion Park, where the best-known statue of the city-state symbol is located: the Merlion, half fish and half lion.