Hotel Raffles, a mandatory stop in Singapore

The Raffles Hotel is a colonial hotel and the best exponent of that time in Singapore. Its importance is such that it is considered a national monument of the city-state of Asia. Next, we discover its origin, as well as other information of interest for your visit. Are you with us on this tour?

The history of Raffles Hotel

Part of the building that currently houses the Raffles Hotel began as a beach house privately owned It was not until 1878 when Dr. Charles Emerson turned it into the Emerson Hotel. After his death in 1883, the accommodation closed and the Raffles Institution took over the construction.

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The Raffles Hotel opened in 1887, turned into a luxury hotel that had ten rooms. Its proximity to the beach, as well as its reputation for the service offered, made it a very popular accommodation among the wealthiest customers traveling to Singapore.

Progressively new buildings were added to the original, raising the number of rooms to seventy-five. A new construction was also erected where the old beach house was located; and a terrace, a ballroom, a bar or a billiard room were incorporated, among other rooms.

During the Second World War the hotel underwent some changes, starting with the name, since it happened to be called Rafles Syonan Ryokan under the occupation of the Japanese Empire. However, despite the difficulties arising from the conflict, the accommodation managed to survive until it became a true reference.

Without going further, Some of the most illustrious guests who have stayed here have been Ava Gardner, Charles ChaplinMichael Jackson, John Wayne, Queen Elizabeth of England, as well as his grandson William with his wife Kate. All of them, therefore, surrendered to the elegance of the Raffles Hotel.

«The great advantage of hotels is that they are a perfect refuge from domestic life.»

-George Bernard Shaw-

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The Raffles Hotel has numerous legends and anecdotes. That is why owns his own resident historian, Leslie Danker, the most veteran accommodation employee, for whom he has been working for more than forty years. This is responsible for conducting guided tours, much demanded by visitors.

One of the legends has to do with the existence of a tiger under the pool tableBut what is true about it? It seems that in 1902 a cat escaped from the circus installed on the beach and took refuge in the billiard room of the hotel.

Regrettably, the animal ended up being dejected for the shots of the director of a nearby school to which the employees had asked for help.

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Apart from the guided tours we have just seen, if you have enough budget, you can contemplate the idea of ​​staying in one of the one hundred and three suites that Hotel Raffles houses. If not, always You can have a drink on one of the patio terraces. One option is to order the Singapore Sling cocktail In the Long Bar, it was where it was invented.

The origin of the drink could also be considered as an anecdote. And at the beginning of the twentieth century it was not clear that women drank alcohol in public, so the pink color of the cocktail hid the gin and allowed them to enjoy it without any problem.

Likewise, in the inner courtyards of the Raffles Hotel you can admire beautiful fountains; or go shopping in one of the forty specialized boutiques found in the commercial gallery of the accommodation. Another possibility is to marvel at its tropical garden, or attend the museum or theater it houses.

Getting to him is very simple. You can take the subway and follow the green and red lines to the City Hall stop. Once there, you can also enjoy nearby places of interest, such as the Esplanade Opera Theater, the city's icon; the Merlion Park; or the Singapore Flyer, a ferris wheel one hundred sixty-five meters high.

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