Jurong Bird Park: discover a huge aviary in Singapore

The Singapore Bird Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the city. This makes its fame attract tourists from all over the world. It has more than 5000 birds of 380 species and from all corners of the world. Jurong Bird Park is one of the largest bird parks on the planet. Would you like to meet him? Follow us!

History and attractions of Jurong Bird Park

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He has been sheltering thousands of birds since 1971. In addition, at the same time It helps show how conservation and environmental practices should be done. As we have said, it is a place where thousands of birds of all kinds of species and all places in the world live.

It is worth taking one of the trams with a guide that take visitors through the park. This curious detail makes it a family experience of the most pleasant and very didactic, since the chauffeurs are the ones that inform the bird species and their characteristics.

What can you see and do in Jurong Bird Park

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In Jurong Bird Park it is possible to walk through the giant cages. Places where the natural habitat of each group of birds is reproduced, some of them really magnificent.

Another possibility is to cross the suspended walkways of the largest aviary in the park. The Lory Loft has nine floors in which you will be able to see the colorful Australian parrots. It is possible to reach out with some nectar to see how bald parrots surround you in a short time.

As well Aviary African Waterfall aviary is worth seeing. It has a 30-meter waterfall and hundreds of birds from the African continent that fly freely. And do not miss the visit to the Penguin Coast, which is the home of the penguins. Here it is possible to enjoy the splash in the water of these playful birds.

Something very funny, especially for the little ones, are a few daily sessions called Penguin Encounters, in which visitors can feed these animals. And if you want something faster, another interesting attraction is that of Kings of the Skies, where it is possible to see hawks, eagles or hawks in their demonstration.

Where is Jurong Bird Park?

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It is in Jurong, a half-hour drive west of downtown Singapore. If you arrive by car to the site, you are sure to know that there are many places to park, but for a fee. The simplest is to arrive, but by public transport. This park is open every day and the entrance is not expensive.

"Birds are bugles among the reeds that say good morning to the sun of God when it rises."

-Cecilia Bohl De Faber-

What are the main attractions?


It has quite varied scenarios in which it is possible to contemplate birds of great beauty. We go with the attractions of greatest interest:

  • Birds'n Buddies Show: cockatoos, the most talented birds are the ones that act and you are sure to be surprised.
  • Birds of Prey Show: in this case, hawks, eagles and other birds of prey are the ones that show their hunting method.
  • African Waterfall Aviary: Here you can see more than 1500 birds of 50 different specials that fly freely.
  • Flightless Birds: Emus or ostriches meet in a place for birds that do not fly.
  • World of darkness: through this route it is possible to know the different birds that flee from daylight. It is the case of owls or owls.

Of great interest

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Even though Jurong Bird Park has a beautiful environment to get to know the birds around the world and it is very suitable for traveling with children (or if you especially like birds), if you have little time to visit the city we recommend the zoo more. In this lively place there are a lot of animals, including birds.

We hope we have helped you get an idea of ​​what you can find in this zoo and aviary so specialized. Of course if you love birds it is a must see. It is a place where visitors are delighted.

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