Clarke Quay, we visited the leisure area of ​​Singapore

Singapore has become one of the most fun and fascinating cities in all of Southeast Asia, that is largely due to the vitality, both day and night, which has the area we are going to talk about. Clarke Quay is one of the historical areas of Singapore, but today it is one of the most vibrant, in the present and for the future.

Something about the history of Clarke quay

Clarke Quay dock

When we say that Clarke Quay is one of the most historic areas of Singapore, we mean that it has been important from the very origins of the city, back in 1819. Clarke Quay was the area chosen to become a pier where to store a large part of the goods that then reached the neighboring Boat Quay.

Y its Anglo-Saxon name tells us about the past as a British colony and one of his most distinguished governors: Andrew Clarke.

This was a character that He insisted that this city, founded in the 19th century, became one of the most important seaports from this area of ​​the globe. Without a doubt, he did not imagine that today he has reached an influence at the planetary level.

Clarke Quay today

Clarke quay

That original port area in our days we can qualify as the best singaporean leisure area. Yes, because the old Clarke Quay stores in many cases have been restored and converted into modern nightclubs or fantastic restaurants with all kinds of gastronomic offers.

But not only Clarke Quay's old warehouses have been restored. They have also thrown there anchor merchant ships already tired of sailing, and now they have been transformed into floating pubs and nightclubs in which to have fun until dawn.

While not all boats that rest in Clarke Quay have remained motionless. Some leave loaded with tourists every day and offer them a tour of the bay and the Singapore River, at whose mouth we are.

These cruises are essential to contemplate from the sea the fantastic skyline of the city. A spectacular image that is recorded forever in the retina and in memory.

"Having fun would be very boring if the whole year were partying."

-William Shakespeare-

Eat at Clarke Quay

Restaurants in Clarke Quay

Eating or dining in Singapore is one of the most complete and different experiences the city offers. And although you have to taste it in the street stalls and in the more traditional restaurants, you also have to make an economic effort and try it in the Clarke Quay restaurants, which are many.

Like we have already said, there you can eat everything. That is, Mediterranean or Anglo-Saxon cuisine is present. But since we are in Singapore, it is good to try the typical place. And the first thing to know is that Singaporean cuisine is still a mixture of cultures, such as the city-state itself.

That is they are dishes of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian influence. All gathered and already become a cultural emblem and symbol of fusion. Dare to ask and in the same dish you can join the rice, the noodles, the duck, the currys, chicken, seaweed or tofu. In short, an explosion of flavors that must be experienced rather than told.

The visit to Clarke Quay

Leisure zone of Clarke Quay

After all that was said, it can be deduced that the best time to visit Clarke Quay is at nightfall. It is when this area of ​​Singapore reaches its full splendor and the neons of the buildings give it a different and very striking dimension.

Y maybe you wonder how to get here. Well, it's the simplest. Just take the subway, the purple line, and get to the stop named: Clarke Quay. Easier impossible! When you arrive, there is only one thing left: have fun until the body holds.

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