The best of Singapore: 5 places you should visit

We will know what wonders await us in a fantastic corner of Asia. Specific, we will know the places you have to visit in the city of Singapore. Do not hurry, enjoy, pack your bags and come with us! Today we discover the best of Singapore!

The best of Singapore

If something is left over in Singapore, there are plans, places and places to know. It is a very developed city with options for all tastes. Get ready to immerse yourself in modern, ancient art, gastronomy and different experiences. Singapore is a very special place!

1. Discover Marina Bay

Marina bay

Perhaps Marina Bay is, along with Chinatown and Kampong Glam, the most famous space in Singapore. In short, it is one of the essential places that you should write down on your trip. It is the most architecturally advanced area, something that is reflected in its buildings.

Here you will find the most expensive hotels and the most luxurious buildings, among them the Marina Bay Sands. It is the favorite place to witness the sunset or even see the city at night. And also to enjoy a fabulous audiovisual show that takes place between eight and nine at night.

In Marina Bay you can visit the Museum of Arts and Sciences, whose shape reminds us of the lotus flower. In addition, there is a lion-mermaid statue that is considered the symbol of the city. And finally, it is where the Singapore casino is located. Do not miss it!

2. Shopping on Orchard Road

Orchard road

Among the best of Singapore We have to mention Orchard Road, the shopping street par excellence. A street of more than two kilometers in length around which shopping centers, luxury stores, restaurants and hotels for all tastes are built.

Many of the places have a very characteristic architecture and during Christmas the street is filled with light and color, in addition to musical shows. Fortunately, it is in the center of Singapore, so you won't have to walk much more than the path of the avenue itself. Enjoy it!

3. Visit the Chinatown neighborhood

Chinatown neighborhood

Chinatown neighborhood It is the popular Chinatown and is located east of the Singapore River. It is one of the places in the city that should be visited by those who wish to soak up new cultures.

What makes this neighborhood characteristic is that, despite having a majority of inhabitants of Chinese origin, there is a multicultural coexistence with Arabs or even Indians. In fact, around the neighborhood there are temples of worship of their religions.

The most recommended of Chinatown is to take advantage of the restaurants and bars that are there. They are very cheap places where you can eat, if you propose, for about two euros.

4. Meet Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam

Together with Chinatown, It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Singapore. In fact, Kampong Glam already existed before the creation of the colony. For years the neighborhood belonged to a sultan and that is why it became the Arab quarter of the city of Singapore.

We recommend you visit the neighborhood in one morning and stop at the Sultan's mosque. Stroll through Bussorah Mall, the most beautiful street in the neighborhood and take advantage of its restaurants to taste typical dishes from Malaysia and Indonesia. Delights for your palate!

5. A walk through the Bay Gardens

Gardens of the Bay

Among the best of Singapore also include its parks and gardens. Especially the Bay Gardens. They have an area of ​​one hundred hectares, many of them on land where there was once sea. Its objective is to preserve the flora of the city.

It is divided into three zones: central, east and south. The largest and most recommended is the last area. What makes this park different is that it is futuristic, that is, there are unique attractions for visitors.

For example, there are huge artificial trees that can be climbed and see how they do photosynthesis (although they are not real). There are also spectacular greenhouses where you can see even Mediterranean plants. Incredible! Ideal for a walk and spend the day there.

This is the best of Singapore, but there is much more to see, like the Indian quarter or the New Bugis Street market. We recommend you take note. Ready for the adventure?

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