Sydney: fineness, delight and fun

One of the places that first sees the day of the whole planet born (and that surely amazes us every new year for being the one that starts the festivities), thus we are presented with the most important city in Australia. That is not your capital! Although the most visited. Opera, surf and a great melting pot of cultures define Sydney. We invite you to tour it with us!

The city open day and night

The sun is present almost every day in Sydney. The lifestyle here is designed for those who want to wear a tanned body the whole year ... and also for those who have enough money to meet the expenses.

The city is ranked number 15 of the most expensive on the planet. But what does that matter if we can take a dip in any of its beaches (the most popular is Bondi Beach) and when we leave surprise us with its mountains and parks? At sunset the fun of surfers (there are always everywhere with their boards in tow) does not end.

Sydney - Theo G N /

One of the most common phrases of the residents is that "the night is half the day", and that's why you have to have a great time. Not for nothing is he famous for being an epicenter of fun when the lights come on.

For it you can go to the old part of the city, The Rocks, or the King Cross district. Do you prefer something quieter? Of course there is too! We recommend that you go for a drink on the terraces of Harborside, overlooking the sea.

What to see in Sydney

In between sea and drinks too We can take some time to walk through its busy streets full of shops, restaurants, shopping centers and whatever you can think of. The safety pins of Sydney are:

Opera house

It is the postcard of this Australian city and nobody is wrong when they see the image of those “segments” that make a roof. Did you know the work was unfinished when the architect in charge of the project left Sydney in 1966? The reason for his abandonment is because he was tired of arguing with the local government about the construction costs.

Sidney Opera House - baeza field studio /

A group of professionals decided, later, to finish the work although not following the original plans (which did not have them). In 1976 it finally opened. It has 4 main auditoriums (Drama Theater, Opera Theater, Playhouse and Concert Hall) and in total about 3,000 shows are presented annually. You can visit every day even if you don't enjoy any work.

Harbor Bridge

Complete the typical picture of Sydney and it will sound to you because that is where the fireworks are launched to receive the new year. It is called "the coat rack" and needed the work of 1400 people to be finished (16 of them died during the works), which took 8 years to finally open in 1932.

Harbor Bridge - Carlo Villa

It offers beautiful views of the city and the Opera. Do you want an even better adventure? How about climbing to the top of the bridge? Yes! A company takes care that you can take the same route as Paul "Crocodile Dundee" and see how car traffic flows under your feet. You dare?

Botanic Garden

The botanical garden is located on a hillside and overlooks the harbor, right in the center of the city. It has an area of ​​30 hectares and this year marks two centuries of its inauguration. It belongs to an Australian scientific institution and it houses a million species of plants.

Royal Botanic Gardens - e X p o s e /

Don't miss the two most prominent areas: Rose Garden and Tropical Center. While they are a bit far apart ... don't worry, there is a train that takes you!

«Since ancient times we have been united under the light of the flame. We stand for the whole world to see our greatness and what we can become. »

-Fragment of the inaugural song of the 2000 Sydney Olympics-

The Rocks

Sydney Harbor - Albert Pego

It is the neighborhood where it all started. Its sandstone houses were home to the first inhabitants of this site. The majority came from England. Today It is a very tourist area with restaurants, museums, shops to buy souvenirs and art galleries.

Among its most prominent buildings are the Observatory (the first mill in the colony), Cadman's Cottage (the oldest) and Susannah Place (museum about the working class). We have already told you that at night it is a quite lively place to go for drinks.

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