Where to eat near the Sydney Opera House

It is the great emblem of one of Australia's best known cities, so There are many dining establishments near the Sydney Opera House. Bars and restaurants where you can order something fast or taste the best of the cuisine of that country. We want you to meet them.

The best bars to eat at the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - Roberto La Rosa / Shutterstock.com

There are at least six bars in the Opera House: Opera Kitchen, Opera Bar, Liana Raine, Bistro Mozart, Corner House and Theater Bars.

  • Opera kitchen: site where you can dine international food, highlighting its offer in Japanese cuisine.
  • Opera bar: Located in the lower part of the Opera House, it is a beer bar that offers good views of the bridge. In this area it is possible to have breakfast on weekends, go out for drinks or have dinner. There is usually live music, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Liana Raine: This is a brand of handmade ice cream made with fruits. They are available in the courtyard of the Opera House.
  • Bistro Mozart: Good place to dine or drink, the best to be before entering the theater.
  • Theathre Bars: several bars that are in a series of corners of the theater and usually open an hour before each show begins.

What does the city offer for eat near the Sydney Opera House

These are the bars of the Opera itself, now, let's go out and see what Sidney offers us:

Darling harbor

Darling Harbor - lembi / Shutterstock.com

In this area there is a wide gastronomic and leisure offer, where you can enjoy the IMAX or the Sydney aquarium. Our recommendation is to have dinner at the Japanese restaurant called Kobe Jones.

China Town

It is a neighborhood, how could it be otherwise, quite colorful and with restaurants. Dixon, Hay and Sussex streets are worth exploring. A highly recommended place is The New Thai Yuen, located on Dixon Street.

The Rocks

The Rocks - Terrazzo / Flickr.com

It is an area full of shops and restaurants. A good place is the Appetite, which is located on George Street. It's worth trying their pizza and pasta dishes. Its fish and seafood dishes are also very suitable.

"No one can be sensible on an empty stomach."

-George Eliot-

What to order to eat near the Sydney Opera House: kangaroo meat

If you are in Australia, and more specifically in Sydney, you must try it. We are going to recommend some restaurants where they serve it very, very well:

Kangaroo meat in hamburger

Kangaroo Burgers - Paul_Brighton

We talk about an establishment committed to organic farming such as Moo Gourmet Burgers, so everything they offer you has been raised and cultivated according to their ethics.

On the list of hamburgers is the kangaroo, which is accompanied in the most genuine 50s style. You can also order fries and very sweet milkshakes, both milk and ice cream or fruit. It is located at 242 Coogee Bay Road.

Grilled Kangaroo Meat

The Clovelly Hotel, which is affectionately called Cloe, has a pub specializing in making grilled kangaroo fillets. Accompanied by sour sauce, baked tomatoes and fried potatoes and vegetables, we talk about chops of about 200 grams, to which we can add sauces. It is at 381 Clovelly Road.

Steak Tartar

Grilled kangaroo - seeshooteatrepeat

In this case, the kangaroo meat is given a French touch. A French chef has combined the steak tartare recipe with this delicious animal raw material. It is located at 98 Falcon ST. Crow's Nest


It can be ordered in grilled or grilled fillets, but it stands out especially in carpaccio. They are very thin slices of red meat, spicy and very rich. They are served with grated cheese and small slices of bread, which are as thin as the meat itself. It is located at 29 A of King St.

As you can see, if you want to eat near the Sydney Opera House, or even in it, it is possible. And, if you want to taste delicious dishes,Sydney has a very attractive gastronomic offer, crowned, yes, by the delicious kangaroo meat. What better place to try it than Australia itself?

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