We explain how to get to the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most symbolic buildings in Australia, as well as one of the most famous and distinctive of the twentieth century. In it, plays, ballet or opera are performed, so if you want to attend any of these shows, or just observe the construction closely, we discover the different ways to do it.

Get to the Sydney Opera by public transport

Sydney Opera House - Theen Moy / Flickr.com

The emblematic building is just six minutes walk from Circular Quay, the main transportation hub, bothfor buses as for trains or ferries. Knowing which line to take will depend on where we leave, but the Moovit app gives us detailed instructions on how to get to the Sydney Opera House. Of course, the final stop will always be Circular Quay.

We can also find all the information on the Sydney transport website. Whatever our decision, and If we plan to travel a lot within the city, it is advisable to buy the Opal card, since it is cheaper and allows you to use any type of public transport. The Opal network also covers the city from north to south and from east to west. 

Water taxi, a different way to get to the Sydney Opera House

Bennelong Point - Jiri Foltyn

It is one of the most attractive options, as it allows you to tour the Sydney Bay before reaching the building that interests us. It also offers the opportunity to see it next to another of the symbols of the city: the bridge. And it is that both form one of the most beautiful and photographed views around the world.

This transport service operates from the Quay East Circular Pier, the Quay West Circular Pier, the pier next to the Park Hyatt Sydney and from the Man O 'War Pier.

Tourists can also opt for other aquatic means offered by several companies in these places. For example, You can rent a private yacht. Can you think of the most incredible way to get to the Sydney Opera House?

On the other hand, and although it is more common, there is the possibility of taking a land taxi at any stop destined for it or by calling the following telephone number: +1 250-656-6666. We choose the method we choose, most likely they will leave us at the end of Macquaire Street, just a minute's walk from the Sydney Opera House.

Through a tourist tour

The Rocks - Terrazzo / Flickr.com

A good way to get to the Sydney Opera House, as well as to know the city, is to hire a tourist tour, which can be done by bus or on a boat. If we opt for the first possibility, we just have to look for the stop that interests us most. After riding the transport, we will enjoy the various points of interest in Sydney.

The possibility of doing it by boat takes us to Darling Harbor or Circular Quay To begin a forty-five minute tour that will discover the jewels that the Sydney Harbor harbors.

Again we find the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, but also with the Luna Park amusement park, with the Maritime Museum, and even with the homes of celebrities.

Sydney Opera House - Flickr.com

It is a perfect way to get to the Sydney Opera House. The reason? Than During the walk we can stop to visit recommended places that are in the vicinity of the Opera, like the Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney. It has thirty hectares and it houses a wide variety of plants, but also some animals (cockatoos, bats ...).

Other interesting option is to enter the Museum of Contemporary Art, which, as the name implies, interprets and collects contemporary art from Australia and the world. And, if the walk has opened your appetite, you can regain strength in one of the best restaurants in the city, such as Aria, Quay or Café Sidney.

«Never hesitate to go far, beyond all seas, all borders, all countries, all beliefs.»

-Amin Maalouf-

As you can see, getting to the Sydney Opera House is very simple and you can do it in many different ways. But the important thing is to enjoy the trip and, above all, one of the most unique buildings built in the last century.

Cover photo: ANNE LOTTE / Flickr.com

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