Macao, a Chinese city that reminds us of Las Vegas

Would you like to discover a unique place in the Asian continent? We travel to Macao, one of the most popular cities in China for all that it has to offer you. A city full of life, luxuries and pleasures that you will not be able to find anywhere in the world. How to fully enjoy your stay here? Find out!

Macao, one of the most populated cities in the world

The Macau Special Administrative Region is located on the southern coast of China, and It is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. Together with Hong Kong, they are the only Chinese cities where the capitalist system is allowed.

View from the Macau Tower

The history of this city is closely related to the European continent, since until 1999 the Macau peninsula was under the control of Portugal. Therefore, the city enjoys a remarkable cultural and traditional influence of this European country, since it ruled this fragment of land for almost five centuries.

Being a place far from the control of the Chinese government, its economic, political, social and cultural development has been different. And consequently, It has become a city full of casinos, shows and various luxuries Where to enjoy a unique stay.

They often refer to Macao as "Las Vegas of Asia", precisely because of this last point: fun. The luxury of the forbidden and the life of Macau can easily move us to the famous American city.

What to do in Macao?

The city has managed to win the world capital of casinos. It is the only place in China where the game is allowed and, being such a densely populated city, more money is generated than in Las Vegas. Would you like to enjoy each and every one of its luxury services and activities? Take note!

1. Discover the Portuguese legacy

Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral - William Warby /

The influence of Portugal in the city is perceived above all in the historic center of the city. 500 years of Portuguese government left an unmistakable mark on Macao that you cannot miss. Moreover, since 2005 it is a World Heritage Site.

Here you can enjoy unmistakable places like the Largo do Senado. It is one of the main streets of the center, it is full of historic buildings and its architectural appearance reminds us of Lisbon.

Another place that deserves attention is the church of São Domingos, the first church that was built in China. And, continuing with religious spaces, we must talk about the ruins of San Pablo, an ancient cathedral of which only the facade is currently preserved.

By last, You can also visit the fortress of Monte. It is a perfect place to enjoy the views of Macau, while visiting the first western fortress that rose in China. In the fortress you can also visit a famous museum. Do not miss it!

2. Go up to the Macau Tower

Macau Tower

If we continue to look for the best places from where to admire the beauty of Macao, we have the opportunity to climb the Macau tower, another of the city's star locations. It is a tower of 338 meters high that offers 360 degree views.

The entrance costs approximately 15 euros, and seeing the panorama will not be the only thing you can do here. Macau Tower offers unique plans, how to do bungee jumping or surround the highest part with harnesses. These activities have a higher cost, but they will be worth it if you like risk sports.

3. Fun inFisherman's wharf

Macau leisure area

And here comes the place that reminds us so much of Las Vegas. Fisherman's Wharf is the quintessential leisure center of Macau. A place that houses bars, restaurants, shops, businesses and fun attractions for all family members. But, above all, casinos and gaming venues.

Fisherman's Wharf is located by the sea, also connected to the two islands of Taipa and Coloane, very close to the city of Macao. This is where the largest casinos and luxury hotels are concentrated and, in short, the eastern version of Las Vegas.

Macao is, without a doubt, a multicultural city: Chinese influence, Portuguese heritage and casinos, gambling and luxuries have made it a unique place. It is not surprising that, over time, its popularity grows among travelers eager to discover different sites. Are you one of them?

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