The Umeda Sky Building, the best view of Osaka

Osaka's Umeda Sky Building is currently no longer the tallest building in the city, but still one of the most spectacular. And it is so much to contemplate it as to ascend to its highest point and admire the city that is at our feet. Of course, if you make a trip to Osaka, this modern construction is a must.

How to get to the Umeda Sky Building

How the Umeda Sky Building becomes a must see During your visit to Osaka, we will tell you how to get there. Which is not difficult at all. It can be reached both by urban train and by subway.

In the case of the train, we must look for the combination that takes us either to the JR Osaka or Umeda station on the Hankyu line. Y if you opt for the subway, then you have to get off at the Umeda stop.

In any of those cases, after we will have to walk about 10 minutes to the Umeda Sky Building, which has no loss. Of course, its height makes us know where to go and get there quickly.

Interesting above and below

Viewpoint of the Umeda Sky Building

At first glance, without a doubt, what most attracts the attention of the Umeda Sky Building is its height. It is a construction that It rises to 173 meters and has 40 floors. Of course, you can climb to its highest part, as we will tell you below.

But also, the visit to the Umeda Sky Building is also interesting in its lower area, where a pleasant contrast awaits us between the modernity of the building and the alley that moves us by its appearance at the beginning of the 20th century. It is known as Takimi Koji alley.

Takimi Koji Alley

You have to keep in mind that the construction of the Umeda Sky Building was part of an outstanding urban development in Osaka A skyscraper that was to be the star of the Shin-Umeda City complex. A performance that incorporated the creation of an attractive park with its green areas, its fountains and its trails.

And equally, at the feet of the giant this thematic alley opened. All of it, due to its appearance and decoration, reminds us of Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. Many restaurants await us there, but also old vintage elements, such as an old car or an old postbox.

The construction of the Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building

The building is the work of the prestigious Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara. The project was more ambitious, but finally it was reduced to the two glazed towers that we see today.

The two towers of the building were built at the same time, while the platform that joins them in the upper part was created elsewhere. Then being moved, it was raised with cranes and finally joined the powerful towers.

Until the platform, known as the Floating Garden, you have to climb. But first look at the facade of the towers. The architect used special crystals. The idea is that it reflects the sky and that the light strikes creating a fantastic optical effect. It may seem that the facade disappears, it becomes a sky and the platform floats on it.

Climb to the Floating Garden Observatory

Umeda Sky Building

The local name of this platform is Kucho Teien. And ascending there is the great attraction of the Umeda Sky Building. But we must warn you that It is a payment area. And in addition, the way of arriving is not the most appropriate for people suffering from vertigo. Save the feeling, but the rest do not give up this visit.

To climb to this viewpoint it is necessary first to ascend by means of glass elevators. And then you have to take the escalators that are suspended between both towers. The experience is worth it.

The final reward is to enjoy one of the best points in Osaka to contemplate this futuristic city from above. Especially We recommend you go up to the Umeda Sky Building towards sunset, to contemplate how the city lights up as night comes.

This is the best way to understand why this Japanese city inspired a movie as spectacular as Blade Runner. You do not miss the hype.

Video: BEST CITY VIEW: Umeda Sky Building at Night, Osaka, Japan (October 2019).