The City of David, one of the most excavated sites in Israel

Southeast of Jerusalem, adjacent to the Western Wall, is the City of David. It is the most visited site by archaeological delegations in Israel. It is, in reality, the place that reveals where Jerusalem was born. It was King David who strived to make this city the political, religious and spiritual capital of his people.

David was the successor of King Saul and the second legitimate monarch of the Kingdom of Israel. He managed to unify and expand the Israelite territory. He is considered one of the great governors of Israel and an emblematic figure, revered as king and prophet in Judaism, in Christianity and in Islam.

Today, the City of David is a tourist site and a center of archaeological studies. Both activities coexist in the city with a Jewish community that has a study center and a synagogue. A mosaic of history and tradition.

A little history

Jerusalem Wall and Damascus Gate

To understand the city of Jerusalem you have to walk through the old area. A maze of narrow alleys and historical architecture where its inhabitants are divided into four neighborhoods: the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian.

Founded in 1004 B.C. By King David, the sacred city for Jews, Christians and Muslims continues to arouse fascination.

Its name continues to cause echoes of a distant story full of mysticism. In Hebrew its name is Yerushalayim and in Arabic it is al-Quds. Each of its layers of land reveals a different piece of the past. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and has been conquered, destroyed and rebuilt again and again.

King David left Hebron along with the most precious of the people of Israel: the tabernacle. He took an old bastion of the Canaanite tribe of the Jebusites and founded Jerusalem.

Today, the city of David is on the other side of the wall of the old city following a curious history in the 16th century with Sultan Suleyman and his particular reconstruction of the walls.

King David

Tower of David in Jerusalem

Legend has it that David stood out as a child for his bravery. It seems he liked to save small animals from the clutches of other elders. He was anointed by Samuel as God's chosen one.

He is especially remembered for being a great warrior and a very brave man. We find traditional stories like David and Goliath's, leader of the Philistines. Goliath challenged the Israelis to present their best man to fight him. David introduced himself, who beat him right away.

At the death of King Saul, David is recognized as king of Judah and would annex other territories to his kingdom like Soba, Edom and the lands of the Philistines. David was also King Solomon's father, the son he had with Bathsheba, his wife's favorite.

David's City

There are several tours that can be done within the City of David, such as the visit to the archaeological project Emek Tzurim Sifting and others. It is an extraordinary archaeological experience.

Excavations in the City of David

In recent years, new excavations have discovered a fortress from the time of these two Israeli kings. The excavation has been one of the most complex carried out to date and has revealed fortifications that were probably carried out by the Canaanites before being conquered by King David.

It seems that this construction protected the water tanks. After conquering the city, King David built tunnels to bring water from this point to the interior of the city. At present, these tunnels can be traversed, it takes about 20 minutes and you walk through them with the help of small flashlights.

And we must mention the works of the archaeologist Eilat Mazar in an impressive structure from the time of the kings of Judea that could be the palace of King David. In the area there are also the archaeological excavations of the Royal Acropolis and remains of notable homes of the biblical period.

Excavations in the City of David are endless

During the past 150 years, the archaeological mysteries buried in the City of David have captivated researchers and archaeologists and have given rise to numerous political and religious debates. There are many excavations and studies that have been carried out in this area.

And the work continues. There are several archaeological excavations that are currently being carried out. This is a fascinating site to begin discovering the mysteries of this ancient city.

Video: In-Depth Exploration of The City of David in Jerusalem (October 2019).