Visit Reykjavik and see waterfalls and glaciers in southern Iceland

The best way to get to know Iceland in depth is to visit Reykjavik. From there you can move to the most impressive places in the country in just a few hours. And if we talk about tourist environments in Iceland, we mean those created by nature, especially waterfalls and glaciers.

If you like tourism related to natural monuments, Reykjavik is your city. Hiking enthusiasts put Iceland as one of their favorite destinations. It is not for less, because it houses landscapes that will leave you with your mouth open.

Much of the country's most beautiful natural settings are part of the Golden Circle route. Well, the vast majority are just a few hours from the capital of Iceland by road. Therefore, Reykjavik is a good base of operations.

Visit Reykjavik to admire the most beautiful waterfalls

Gullfoss waterfall

Iceland is a unique tourist destination. And in the list of things you can see, waterfalls enter the struggle to take first place. Having a climate with a lot of rainfall and a particular orography, in the surroundings of Reykjavik you can admire many and varied waterfalls.

The most impressive for most Icelanders and tourists is just over an hour from Reykjavik. Gullfoss waterfall is spectacular. Its flow and force make the noise of the water when it precipitates deafening. It is on the route of the Golden Circle and, in fact, is the most important and expected point of the journey.

Gullfoss is known as the "golden waterfall" because of the effect that sunlight produces on the water that jumps, which gives it a special and very particular atmosphere compared to other waterfalls. You cannot leave Iceland without visiting it.

Simpler and a little further from Reykjavik is the treasure waterfall, Skógafoss. It is well known because there is a legend that tells that next to it there is buried a booty full of gold. The most characteristic of this waterfall are the more than 60 meters high it reaches.

If you are going to visit Reykjavik, do not miss these other waterfalls

Hraunfoss waterfall

A waterfall near Reykjavik and very special is that of Hraunfoss. Here something very particular happens. The water jets leave under a porous lava field as if it were magic. Jets that give us a wonderful landscape to walk with him.

Very close is the Barnafoss waterfall, which has a sad history. It is known as the children's waterfall because, supposedly, two children died at Christmas when crossing a natural lava bridge.

Another particular waterfall, and of the closest to Reykjavik, is that of Öxarárfoss, in the Thingvellir National Park. It is the main bulwark of the place that the Vikings chose to create the first democratic parliament in history. It also belongs to the Golden Circle.

Discover glaciers near Reykjavik

Jökulsárlon Lake

Another great attraction of Iceland is the glaciers. From Reykjavik you can see one of them if the sky is clear, it is the Snaefellsjökull. It is not a glacier too large, although it is one of the best known, precisely because of its proximity to the capital.

If you want to see one of the largest, specifically the second largest in the country, you must put your eyes again on the Golden Circle. There you will see the Langjökull. Also in it you can see its two active volcanoes.

Another great area is Jökulsáron glacial lake. It is not properly a glacier, but it is at the end of one, which allows to create excellent landscapes. It is worth it for its proximity to Reykjavik and, above all, for the great icebergs that float in its waters.

Finally, if you want to see the largest glacier in Europe you will have to travel 250 kilometers. It may seem like a long distance, however, it is a must-see on your trip to Iceland, so be sure that it will leave you speechless.

This is the Vatnajökull, located in the natural park that bears his name. Here, in addition, you can enjoy another secret that Iceland keeps: the glacial caves. You can enter them and live an experience that you will never forget.

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