Kinosaki and Yumura: the art of relaxing in Japan

Kinosaki and Yumura are two destinations in Japan ideal for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday. In both places you will find hot spring baths and you will be able to know much more about the lifestyle and traditions of the inhabitants of this country. Do you dare to discover them?

Kinosaki and its seven spas

This is a small town spa. It is located on the north coast of Japan, just two hours by train from Kyoto. It is famous especially for the route that is made by the seven spas that it houses, with more than 1300 years of history.

Spa in Kinosaki - Petr Meissner /

Of those spas, there are some that stand out. Gosho no Yu offers spacious and pleasant thermal baths and a small outdoor waterfall. No Sato yu is the largest, with two outdoor bathrooms, a traditional bathroom and a plant with saunas. And Ko no Yu has a nice outdoor bath from which to appreciate the mountains and the forest.

But you can not miss the opportunity to meet others. Jizou yu only has a large pool. Yanagi yu is the onsen smallest place. Ichi no yu has a beautiful outdoor roofed bathroom. And Mandara yu is the only one not found on the main streets of Kinosaki.

As we already advanced, The best way to get to know this place is to make a tour. The one-day ticket costs 1200 yen for adults and 600 for children and can be purchased at the ticket office of each spa. It is called Yume-pa and can be used as a payment method in some restaurants or stores.

On the other hand, in Kinosaki there are numerous monuments with commemorative inscriptions and museums in which to immerse yourself in the art and literature of Japan. In this way, we can make the most of the trip and get an even more enriching experience.


Onsen in Yumura

From Kinosaki we moved to this small town located in the town of Shinonsen and, especially, to the historic hot spring baths that it has. These waters were discovered in 848, They have a temperature of 98 degrees and come from the natural spring Arayu.

It's very common to see locals or tourists dipping their feet in the Haruki River, flowing through Yamura, while enjoying the incredible views it offers and a moment of tranquility.

As a curiosity, the waters are also used to cook eggs, which are known as tamago-onsen, and to boil vegetables. The first are one of the specialties of Yumura, so you can not stop buying to appreciate its flavor.

How to get to Kinosaki and Yumura


We have already seen that to Kinosaki it is possible to arrive by train from Kyoto, but it is also from other cities such as Osaka, Kobe or Himeji. If you go by car, just drive on the Kinki Toyooka highway and turn off at Yoka-hoynosenIC. Once we reach Tottori, the road becomes a general road.

If you prefer the bus, the price is 3600 yen from Osaka and 32oo from Kobe. It is best to buy the round trip ticket at the same time. In this way, we will get a discount and with the money we save we can give ourselves a whim.

While, Yumura can also be accessed from Osaka or Kobe in a rental car. The journey time is two and a half hours. Another option is to go by train and get off at the Hamasaka station on the JR Sanin line. From there it will be necessary to take the Zentan bus to the city of Yumura.

We hope that after learning more about Kinosaki and Yumura and checking how easy it is to get to both places, you will be encouraged to visit them and relax in their famous hot spring baths. You will enjoy the beautiful with one of the most pleasant traditions of Japan.

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