Live an extraordinary honeymoon in Nice

¡Oh la la! Spend the honeymoon in Nice! In the heart of the Côte d'Azur! It is certainly a fantastic place to celebrate that new union. This city is an ideal romantic destination. There you will find promenades facing the sea, good restaurants, excursions through the bucolic landscapes of Provence and the most select environments of the French Riviera.

When to celebrate a honeymoon in Nice?

Nice view

Logically, a wedding trip has to be enjoyed immediately after the celebration of the marriage ceremony. And those dates are sometimes very difficult to choose. However, if you get the idea of ​​enjoying a honeymoon in Nice, We are going to make a recommendation, and that trip is during the spring.

It is true that any date of the year can be a great time for such an event. But in the summer the French Riviera is filled with tourists and in winter the temperatures prevent enjoying the beaches to the fullest.

But nevertheless, a honeymoon in Nice during spring will allow you to enjoy the city in full splendor and the nature of the environment will take extraordinary vitality.

What to do during the honeymoon in Nice?

A wedding trip to this French city and, in fact, to any other part of the world, is to take it easy, without any burden. It is simply to enjoy a couple of unique days and enjoy the little details and the sensations of the moment. And to achieve this, a honeymoon in Nice is ideal.

Here the activity consists of small walks on the shores of the Mediterranean, through the city center and the surrounding area. We will specify a little more those places to walk your love:

Promenade des Anglais

Hotel Negresco - Claudia Schillinger /

The quintessential promenade in Nice is the long Promenade des Anglais (the English promenade). It is an elegant walk. On one side are the beaches and the Mediterranean Sea and on the other some of the most glamorous buildings in the city are distinguished.

Among those buildings there is one that draws attention, the Negresco Hotel. It is the most elegant establishment in the city and where all the great stars who have been in this place on the Cote d'Azur have stayed.

Maybe your economy doesn't allow you to stay there. However, you must enter this establishment and enjoy at least your cafeteria. There you can taste a good cocktail To celebrate your honeymoon in Nice.

La Vieux Nice

Old Town of Nice

Another area through which your walks during the honeymoon in Nice will be through the Old Town. It is a maze of streets always bustling and lively. Streets that seem to transport us to Italy, since there are many links with the transalpine country.

Here you will find the stores to acquire the best memories of your trip. You will also see many local shops to buy sausages, fruits and wine to enjoy a picnic on the beach or in the surroundings.

And of course, you will have numerous restaurants day and night to taste the renowned French cuisine. Few things are more romantic than dinner at one of these establishments. You will find them with a more traditional and more modern menu, in the variety is the taste.

Upload to Le Chateau

We are going to give you an idea for one of those dinners. Or rather, before dinner. It's about taking that walk through the Old Town to finally ascend to Le Chateau, or the Castle Mountain. The ascent is rewarded if we contemplate the sunset from the highest part.

From Le Chateau you can see a great view of the city, how the sun goes out and how the artificial lights come on. A truly romantic moment.

Excursions around

Senanque Abbey

And to end our proposals for an unforgettable honeymoon in Nice, we will propose to leave the city one day and explore the surroundings. Here is an idea. For example, visit the charming town of Gordes and the neighboring Abbey of Senanque, Famous for its lavender fields.

Even though another much more glamorous possibility is to approach the nearby Montecarlo. A night in your casino is not always enjoyed and a honeymoon may be the right time for it.

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