Stroll through the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

One of the main European tourist destinations is undoubtedly Berlin. The German capital is one of the points on the planet where more cultural activities can be carried out. And there, If there is something you cannot miss, it is the visit to the Charlottenburg Palace. Do you want to know what you will find in it?

Built at the end of the 17th century, Charlottenburg Palace has immense gardens. Walking through them can be the perfect plan on a sunny day. The entrance to the surroundings of the building and the garden areas is free, so there is no reason not to enjoy a corner as beautiful as this.

An ideal rest area

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens

The gardens were built next to the palace in 1697. They had a strong baroque French style, although almost a century later, in 1788, they were reformed. In World War II, the city was razed. This place also suffered significant damage, although it was not rebuilt until 2001.

If you want to take a break after visiting the great historical heritage of Berlin, the most suitable place is this. A corner where the hallmark is your tranquility. And one of its most impressive places is the lake.

Also in the gardens you will see the Belvedere. It is a beautiful building of late Baroque and classicist style that has been used as a tea house and currently houses a large collection of objects made of porcelain.

Visit Charlottenburg Palace

Dance room

The gardens are the perfect place to take a short break. However, once the forces have recovered, you have to visit inside the Charlottenburg palace.

This palace it was built as a summer residence of Sofía Carlota, wife of Frederick I of Prussia. A building that was baptized as Lietzenburg Palace. However, his name was changed after the death of the queen, who did not see it finished. In his honor he received the name of Charlottenburg.

Although the British bombings of 1943 caused significant damage,visitors can still admire the beauty of some rooms They retain the original decoration. One of these spaces is the chapel, which shows beautiful frescoes on its ceilings.

In the Charlottenburg palace you can see the room of Frederick II or the rococo-style ballroom. A good way to get an idea of ​​the lifestyle of the German aristocracy in the eighteenth century.

In the halls of the palace, in addition, it is possible to contemplate some of the possessions of Frederick I and Sofia Carlota. Emphasize the imperial badges, a collection of tobacco and hundreds of porcelain pieces. Special mention deserves the most important collection of French painting of the eighteenth century outside this country.

The New Pavilion and the mausoleum

Charlottenburg Palace

Outside the palace, in the gardens, There are other areas to visit, such as the New Pavilion. In it you can see the authentic decoration of a Prussian house of the time. The exhibition of this building has several paintings by illustrious Prussian artists and some sculptures.

The mausoleum of Queen Luisa is another point of interest in our visit to Charlottenburg Palace. The temple has a monument in memory of the queen and a skylight that illuminates the building.

Other museums in the same area

Bröhan Museum - Andreas Praefcke / Wikimedia Commons

Taking advantage of the visit to the palace and its gardens, a good idea is to visit one of the museums that are a few meters away. One of them is the Berggruen, which has an appreciable collection of modern art. In it you can see works by great artists such as Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti or Georges Braque.

Also near the palace, the Bröhan Museum exhibits works related to the decorative arts of the modern era, especially in style art nouveau. In addition, there are representative works of art deco and of functionalism.

Together with these two museums, we must highlightthe Scharf-Gerstenberg, whose collection includes works from French romanticism to surrealism. These are three museum spaces whose visit is a perfect complement to that of the Charlottenburg Palace.

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