Climb the Reichstag dome in Berlin

A trip to Berlin is a walk through key events in the contemporary history of Europe and the world. But one of the sites that best materializes that feeling is the visit to the dome of the Reichstag, the modern roof of the German Parliament. This is a beautiful structure, contemporary and full of meanings We will try to unravel.

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Dome interior

Surely if you travel to Berlin, you will go at some point to its most emblematic corner: the Bradenburg Gate. Well, very close is the old Parliament building, covered by the modern dome of the Reichstag. A contrast more than admirable from the outside, but very suggestive from the inside.

A visit is free, but you have to make a previous reservation. And keep in mind that it is a much requested place. Therefore, it is advisable to book as soon as possible to guarantee the day and time when you can enter the dome of the Reichtstag.

Reichstag or Bundestag

In both ways the German Parliament is known, and It is a very lively part of the history of the country and the continent. Key characters from the First World War passed through here, Hitler delivered speeches, German reunification was held; and today it is one of the most influential and powerful spaces in Europe.

In short, as we said at the beginning, the visit to the Reichstag dome is a visit that you cannot miss in Berlin. A place where our most recent history is breathed. But besides that, It is a very attractive site.

The old parliament


The original Reichstag was a construction of the late nineteenth century. A project by the architect Paul Wallot, who proposed a building very typical of the neoclassical era, inspired by Renaissance architecture.

But nevertheless, that construction suffered a lot of damage with the passage of time, counting on the bombings of the Second World War and even some previous fire.

The current parliament

View of Parliament from the dome

Therefore, a place like this, key in the history of Germany, I had to get ready for the new times They arrived with the reunification of the country.

With that goal a modernization project was entrusted to one of the most influential architects of our time We speak of the British Norman Foster, whose works can be seen all over the world, from London to Hong Kong.

Foster created the dome of the Reichstag that has transformed the building into a current icon. A glass dome, inside which you can walk. An intervention that has been perfectly integrated into the neoclassical forms of the building.

And besides that, allows visitors to be above politicians. And it is that the parliament itself is under the dome of the Reichstag. Somehow, it is possible metaphorically to understand that people control their work.

As an architect, you design for the present, with some knowledge of the past, for a future that is essentially unknown.

-Norman Foster-

The visit to the Reichstag dome

Dome interior

Only for that sense of democracy is it worth the visit to the Reichstag dome. But it's not all: also a very important work of our time is admired. A work made by one of the great architecture figures of the last decades.

In addition, during the spiral tour inside that glass dome you can see much of the center of Berlin. From that enclave you can see other charismatic sites in the city that are very close. Not only the aforementioned Bradenburg Gate, also the extensive Tiergarten park or the dynamic Potsdamer Platz.

And if desired, the visit can be made more complete, since it is possible to take a guided tour inside the German Parliament itself.

In short, that the visit to the Reichstag dome is something that everyone who travels to Berlin should consider. A site of the most interesting, free and whose reservation is made in a click, since you can only get the previous appointment through the official website.

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