The Chapel of Silence of Kamppi, an original building in Helsinki

The Chapel of Silence of Kamppi, in the Finnish capital, is something different from what you have visited. Something different for its appearance, but also for the function of the building itself in the heart of the city. One of those surprising ideas that usually arise in the countries of northern Europe. Do you want to know more? Well read on.

The Chapel of Silence of Kamppi 2012

Chapel exterior

Perhaps by the denomination of chapel, you think that we are talking about a church. In part it is true, but it is also much more. The Chapel of Silence of Kamppi It is an inheritance of the year 2012, when Helsinki was the world capital of design.

On the occasion of that event, It was decided to build an amazing building both in its form and in its function.It is a temple in which no religious ceremonies are held, although there are always some shepherds representing the seven religious congregations of the capital of Finland.

In the chapel there are also four social workers, who can also welcome and serve anyone who enters inside.

Everyone is welcome in the Chapel of Silence in Kamppi

Exterior detail - Lewis Martin /

Regardless of your religion, or if you don't have it, you will always be welcome in this particular temple. The idea is that in the center of the city people can reserve a few minutes for themselves.

It is an offer to sit quietly and pray or reflect. Also to rest, to know how to appreciate beauty, to find oneself better or to seek transcendence.Even if you sleep there, nobody will dare to wake you up.

Inside the Chapel of Silence in Kamppi everyone can do what they want, yes, in silence and without disturbing the rest of the audience. A most unique, interfaith concept.

Where is it in Helsinki

Interior of the chapel - Wojtek Gurak /

By name, we have to deduce that the building It is located in the central Kamppi neighborhood of Helsinki. Specifically, it rises in Narinkka Square.

There it stands out in the environment, and not for its greatness, but for its appearance. It is a minimalist wooden building which attracts attention with its neighbors: a shopping center and a hotel built with steel and glass. A contrast that was one of the objectives of the architects who designed it.

They wanted to get attention and for that they used wood, a material that, on the other hand, is the most typical of Finland's architecture. In the Scandinavian country this material abounds and works with great pleasure for centuries. Thus, a magnificent example of architecture of the 21st century is this Chapel of Silence of Kamppi.

Two entrances to the chapel

Chapel interior

The building has a main entrance that overlooks Narinkka Square. But it also has another smaller access from the back. It is part of its opening concept to the citizens, to make it as easy as possible for anyone to decide to pause their daily lives and take a while without noise.

But you don't enter the chapel directly. Before, you have to go through a lobby where social services workers or religious are, with whom you can consult any subject, if desired.

And then it goes to the austere interior of the Chapel of Silence of Kamppi. This is a space without distractionsIn fact there are no windows on the walls. The light enters through the ceiling. And there all the furniture consists of wooden benches, some candle or some table.

Definitely, there awaits us a haven of peace and silenceliterally. A good place for the inhabitants of the city. But also for you, if you do tourism in Helsinki.

Do not miss the Chapel of Silence of Kamppi, take a time there of tranquility and reflection on the frantic pace we have in our lives, even when we are on vacation. Surely it will be very good to take everything with a little calm.

Video: Kamppi Chapel of Silence (October 2019).