Chenonceau Castle in France: practical facts

Chenonceau Castle in France is one of the most charming buildings in the country. It is, therefore, mandatory stop on any tour of the Loire castles. If you are thinking of visiting it, pay attention: we will offer you all the information you need to know.

Chenonceau Castle in France, a jewel in the Loire Valley

This spectacular castle It is located in the department of Indre and Loire, in the center of the country. A construction of Renaissance style also known as «castle of the ladies», since in its history women from different eras played an essential role.

The castles of the Loire

Chambord Castle

When we talk about castles of the Loire, we mean an impressive succession of constructions built in the middle and lower reaches of the Loire River, in central France. There are about 40 main castles, but the number is much higher.

Such is its beauty and its architectural and historical value, which In 2000, UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site to the Loire ValleyAnd its castles. Specifically, the section between the towns of Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-sur-Loire.

Most of the castles of the Loire were built in the Renaissance, between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Among them there are jewels like those of Amboise, Chambord, Blois, Villandry or Chenonceau. We will continue talking about the latter.

Chenonceau Castle in France

Gallery on the Cher River

Chenonceau Castle dazzles any traveler. Its whiteness reflects the light in a unique way, and its location on the river Cher surprises who visits it for the first time.

An elegant castle, both in its conception and in the interior decoration. It was built in the early 16th century by order of Katherine Briçonnet. Subsequently, Diana de Poitiers and Catalina de Médici were responsible for enlarging and embellishing it.

Chenonceau Castle houses a fabulous collection of paintings by artists such as Rubens Tintoretto or Poussin, among others. It also exhibits a valuable collection of tapestries from Flanders.

But in addition to all this, this great historical monument is surrounded by wonderful gardens, adorned with fountains and statues. And it also has a really famous wine plantation.


Chenonceau Castle Gardens

We already anticipated that Chenonceau Castle is located in the heart of France, in the Center-Loire Valley region. More specifically, in the municipality of Chenonceaux. So you can locate yourself, we will tell you that It is just 30 kilometers away from the city of Tours.

You can visit the castle from Paris, in fact, there are organized excursions from the French capital. Of course, you should keep in mind that the distance is not short, they are just over 200 kilometers by road. It will take about two hours. If you prefer, you can also arrive by train from Paris or from Tours.


Diana de Poitiers's room - Dennis Jarvis /

As regards the opening hours, several important aspects must be indicated. The first one is that it can be altered by the various events that take place in it,both inside and in its gardens. During the year parties and dinners are held, and during the summer outdoor shows.

The second aspect you should keep in mind is that there are up to six different schedules, depending on the time of the year. Therefore, if you plan to visit the castle of Chenonceau in France, the advice is that you check the time of day on their website.


Chenonceau Castle

Rates vary depending on the type of visit. Individual adult admission costs 14.50 euros; 4 euros more if audioguide is requested. Young people from 7 to 18 years old and students from 18 to 27 years old pay 11.50 euros. Children under 7 years do not pay.

As well there are reduced rates for large families, who would pay 9 euros per person. As regards groups, if they are made up of more than 20 people, each one will pay 11.50 euros.

Other data of interest

If you have a pet, you should know that you can walk with her through the gardens. Mind you, it must go on a leash. Inside only small animals that go in arms or in a basket and guide dogs can pass.

Further, the castle is accessible for people with reduced mobility. They will be able to walk if they have problems in the gardens and have access ramp to the monument and even a wheelchair loan. Of course, the bathrooms are adapted.

And finally, we must add that It has parking for all types of vehicles and with a picnic area. Thus, the visit to the Chenonceau castle in France will be most complete.

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