Where to swim in hot springs in Iceland?

Bathing in hot springs in Iceland is one of the most amazing activities you can enjoy. And it is, in part, because of the natural environment in which they find themselves. We want to show you some of the best places where you can take an unforgettable bath and that, of course, will help you feel renewed.

However, before starting the review, It is important to know that low and high temperature thermal zones are distinguished on the island. The most common are the first: there are about 250 areas with more than 700 sources. In all of them, the relevant indications must be respected and not leave the area prepared for the bathroom.

Blue Lagoon, the best known hot springs in Iceland

blue Lagoon

It is one of the best known places in the country. The warm blue waters of the lagoon attract many tourists every year. The color is due to the high silica content from the rocks of this place. A site that arose by accident, after a liquid spill that suffered in 1976 the geothermal power plant that is next to it.

That geothermal water is mixed with that of the ocean, is changed every forty hours and has healing properties. Due to its special renewable ecosystem, in the Blue Lagoon there are no common bacteria. Nor do you need chemicals such as chlorine to maintain its purity.

To access the complex it is necessary to pay a ticket whose price ranges between 55 and 98 euros. It all depends on the time you go or the pack selected. The simplest includes a silica mask, towel and a drink to choose from at the lagoon bar; and the most exclusive, even a table reserved in the LAVA restaurant.

Myvatn Nature Baths

Myvatn Nature Baths - dom fellowes / Flickr.com

Very popular among tourists is also this geothermal pool. Maybe because It is cheaper than the previous one. The entrance, which depends on the season, is usually around 38 euros.

Further, offers magnificent views which you can enjoy while enjoying a relaxing bath. This complex is located in the north of Iceland.


Seljavallalaug pool - Dāvis Kļaviņš - / Flickr.com

From the north we pass to the south to enjoy Seljavallalaug. It is an artificial pool 25 meters long and 10 wide. What is natural is the hot water that reaches the place, as it falls from the side of the mountain of a narrow valley under which it is built. Thanks to this natural environment the views here are also spectacular.

As a curiosity, the pool It was created in 1923 because many Icelanders could not swim, although they made a living fishing or near the water. The purpose was, therefore, for the children to learn. And it is still being done, since here come the schoolchildren in the area.

Reykjadalur, hot springs in Iceland to enjoy for free

Reykjadalur - Chris Yunker / Flickr.com

Its name means steam valley and It is an area through which a thermal river flows. It is located near Reykjavik, from where we can go to the city of Hveragerði to follow the journey on foot. In addition, access is completely free. Do you need more reasons to move to the place?

Another reason to visit is that It is part of the famous Golden Circle, the route where you will discover the most representative landscapes of Iceland. Some of them are the Thingvellir National Park, geysers like the one that gives name to this phenomenon, Geysir; Gulfoss waterfall or Kerio crater.

Landbrotalaug, on the Snæfellsnes peninsula

This natural thermal water pool is located at the refuge of the mountains, so the wild nature that surrounds it considerably increases its charm. What does not stand out precisely is its size, which is why it is more than advisable to visit it soon. Only then can you take a quiet bath in it.


It is a fairly new pool and offers the feeling of being in the sea, from which incredible views are also obtained. Also of the Skagafjörður fjord and the island of Drangey. As a curiosity, it was a gift from two families living in the area. And what better way to thank them for the gesture by going to the place.

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