Discover the cultural treasures of Sens

On a trip through the Burgundy region in France, you cannot miss the cultural treasures of Sens. This small city was very important at the end of the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance. Today, that splendor can still be perceived thanks to wonderful monuments.

These are buildings that follow the style of architecture that expanded in France in those times. So, walking around Sens is an incredible experience, because it will seem to you that you travel in time several centuries ago. Therefore, it should not be surprising that it is an ideal tourist destination for history lovers.

The most important cultural treasures of Sens

Knowing this city is a must if you are going to make a route through the most beautiful points of Burgundy. Discover with us the cultural treasures of Sens, so you will not miss the most important of this wonderful town.


Cathedral Interior

If we talk about the cultural treasures of Sens, the first thing to mention is its cathedral. And it is not for less, because It is the first Gothic style built in France. The work began in the year 1135 and, although there are now several larger temples, in its early years it was the largest in the entire country.

In this construction, In addition to its exterior facade, the stained glass windows attract attention. They tell the story of the archbishop of Canterbury, who was murdered at the end of the 12th century. After this event, the stained glass windows began to be built, which is why they have been at the temple practically since birth.

The Episcopal Palace

Episcopal Palace - Pline / Wikimedia Commons

The other great protagonist among the cultural treasures of Sens, next to the cathedral, is this palace. Also in gothic style and built in the thirteenth century, this building was for many years the ecclesiastical seat. If you visit it, you can see the cells and messages on the walls that the prisoners left.

The highlight of the Episcopal Palace is the room where the synods took place. It is a large living room with large windows and vaults that give the room a great elegance.

The palace houses the Sens Museums. They keep the main artistic works of the city, among which those that come from the cathedral stand out. Those Sens cultural treasures displayed here include pieces that range from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages.

Other cultural treasures of Sens

Abraham's House - Thomon / Wikimedia Commons

When you visit the Burgundy region to see the cultural treasures of Sens you will discover other fantastic corners. One of the most photographed places is known as Abraham's house. It was built in the 16th century and the characteristic of this house is its wooden exterior full of very peculiar carvings.

Another striking building is that of the Couvert Market. It is more contemporary, from the 19th century, but its aesthetics are as striking as Renaissance buildings. The highlight inside is the glass roof, which fills the market with light during the day.

Definitely, One of the experiences that you can not miss in Sens is to walk through this market. Not only because of its beautiful facade or bright interior, but also because of the food stalls that are mounted on it four days a week.

The most photographed church

Church of San Mauricio - Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / Wikimedia Commons

When you pass by the church of San Mauricio you can not help taking out the camera. It is a small religious temple located on the island of Yonne. A construction that gives life to the best postcard in the entire city next to the Sens river.

Another of Sens's cultural treasures is the Saint-Savinien Basilica. The highlight is that it was built in the 11th century. He survived the French wars of the fifteenth century and several looting throughout its history.

This beautiful city keeps many other wonderful places. The best thing you can do is walk it, walk through its old town and see all its emblematic buildings. Don't forget to visit the castle La Motte-Tilly, where you can visit its wonderful gardens.


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