The cherry blossoms of the Jerte Valley, pure magic

When they bloom, the cherry trees of the Jerte Valley give life to a spectacular white mantle. For nature lovers, spring is very special in this corner of the province of Cáceres. For a few days you can enjoy a landscape of authentic fantasy. Do you want to see it? Here we go!

The beauty of the Jerte Valley

The Jerte Valley is between Plasencia and the port of Tornavacas. It is a very special place, since it is surrounded by two mountain ranges of the Sierra de Gredos: the mountains of Traslasierra and Tormantos. As a result, the climatic conditions of the Jerte Valley are very special.

The waters of the river that gives its name to the valley are calm and crystalline and the landscape multiplies its beauty during spring. The reason? That since the Middle Ages, the whole valley is covered with cherry trees that see their flowers come out in this period.

The cherry trees of the Jerte Valley

When they bloom, the cherry trees of the Jerte Valley create an image that reminds us of the winter snow. A picture full of beauty that can be seen for only a few days a year, just 10 or 15 days. Afterwards, the flowers will fall and the famous cherries of the valley will grow in their place.

Cherry blossoms

Under normal conditions, cherry blossoms occur between the end of March and the beginning of April. Of course, it depends on the temperatures and the rain of the previous months. In total, more than one and a half million cherry trees bloom, distributed throughout the valley.

It should also be noted that flowering does not occur in all cherry trees at once. It will obviously depend on the area in which they are located. Those in the lower areas always bloom before, at lower altitude. As the days go by, the flowers of the rest of the zones, generally colder or taller, open.

The importance of this event has made flowering a popular holiday for the inhabitants of the region. During the birth of the flowers the Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated. In it, gastronomic and traditional activities are organized to promote the culture of the villages of the valley.

The end of flowering

Cherries of the Jerte Valley - Angelvi /

If it is beautiful to see the cherry trees covered by thousands of white flowers, it is no less when those flowers begin to fall. Then there is a beautiful shower of petals They cover the ground. A show that is also worth contemplating.

In this way, if you do not arrive in time to see the flowering at its peak, you will always have the opportunity to enjoy another of the magical moments offered by the valley.

Cherry Route

The best way to explore the Jerte Valley and enjoy its cherry blossoms is by car, since you can move from one side to another along the N-110 road, cross the valley. There are different options to explore it.

Cherry Blossoms - Alba Valenzuela /

There is a linear route that follows the river Jerte. It begins in the municipality of Valdastillas and ends in the port of Tornavacas. It is the shortest route, but the one that allows you to quickly see the blanket of cherry trees in the valley. In the port, in addition, you have a spectacular panoramic view.

However, there is a second route, much wider and more complete. It has the same exit point, Valdastillas, but you circle the valley and all the villages: Piornal, Barrado, Cabrero, el Torno ... to finish again in Valdastillas.

For all this it is obvious that the car is useful, since you have to travel many kilometers. However, to see the cherry trees up close, you will have to leave the vehicle parked and see them on your own foot. There are people who decide to even go hiking in this place.

Do not miss the opportunity. Take advantage of spring to plan a short trip to the valley And enjoy fantastic views. In addition, you can take advantage of the stop to enjoy the Castilian and Extremaduran cuisine, full of dishes that you will enjoy trying. Get carried away by nature and enjoy!

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