Morzine: destination for a mountain vacation

Morzine is located in the French department of Haute-Savoie. Or what is the same, in the Alps mountain range. And that mountainous environment is its main tourist asset. They are attractive mountains during the twelve months of the year, but especially during the winter, when the snow covers these places and many winter sports can be practiced.

How to get to Morzine

Although it is French territory, the fastest way to get to Morzine is to fly to Switzerland. Specifically, to the Geneva International Airport. From there, only an hour of road awaits us until we reach the town of Morzine and its nearby ski resort.

The village of Morzine

Village of Morzine

Morzine, in itself, has the most bucolic picture we can imagine of the Alps. It is a mountain town with very sloping slate roofs and mansions with facades decorated with wood and pots. It is postcard both for its beautiful architecture and for the great peaks that surround the population.

This is a good place to stay in an accommodation where the fireplace is not lacking to add even more romanticism to the room, as well as heat.

In addition, to spend the night in Morzine, you can look for a traditional restaurant to taste the most typical recipes of this area, which fuses Galas and Swiss culinary traditions. Therefore, the menu will not miss the fondue not even tartiflette Cooked with potatoes, bacon, onion and the essential cheese.

Les Portes du Soleil

Les Portes du Soleil

Discovering the town of Morzine is a must during a holiday in this area of ​​the Haute-Savoie. But nevertheless, many of the travelers who arrive here are attracted by the winter resort complex which involves Les Portes du Soleil.

This is a skiable domain with hundreds of tracks and lifts over many square kilometers. Here one finds all kinds of slopes to enjoy alpine skiing and the snowboard. But there are also areas for freestyle or tours for Nordic ski fans or sled lovers.

Y all that is enjoyed in a great complex on horseback between France and Switzerland, with some stations that can only be reached by cable cars and chairlifts.

Morzine, winter destination

Morzine landscape

It is clear that winter is the high season in Morzine. It is then that the slopes of these mountains are full of snow and during the day they are populated by skiers from almost every corner of Europe.

But at nightfall you can enjoy an intense nightlife in different populations. And it is that the restaurants are added the places of drinks and the spaces where live music plays.

A good destination also in summer

Alps view

In spite of everything, it must be said that this area It can also be ideal outside the winter months. Here you can spend a great holiday since late spring and during all summer months.

They are dates on which the ski lifts start again even if there is no snow. And it is that they become an ideal means of transport to bring walkers to the beginning of fascinating mountain routes.

Mountain bike lovers also find fantastic routes and fans to practice descents. Although it is not Morzine's only link with the sport of pedals. The cycling stars of the Tour de France have circulated on numerous occasions on the roads of these stations.

For that reason, when the good weather begins to arrive, there are thousands of cycling fans who come here to emulate their idols at their own pace.

As can be seen, almost all the tourist activities that can be done in Morzine are related to sports, either in winter or in summer. And, above all, they are related to those majestic alpine landscapes that dominate this area of ​​Europe.

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