Curiosities of the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur

They are one of the main tourist attractions of Kuala Lumpur. For years they were the tallest towers in the world, but there are many more curiosities of the Petronas Towers, and we want to tell you. Can you come with us?

The towers are designed by Argentine architect César Pelli and were completed in 1998. With a structure of concrete, steel, aluminum and glass, they have 88 plants and are joined by an elevated passage. What else curiosities of the Petronas Towers can we tell you Pay attention.

Curiosities of the Petronas Towers: details of its construction

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The Petronas Towers began to be built in 1992 and their works finished 5 years later. At that moment, they became the two tallest skyscrapers in the world thanks to its more than 450 meters high. Today they are not even in the top 10.

Each of the towers has 88 plants. More than 13,000 m³ of concrete were needed for its construction just for its base and 65,000 m³ of stainless steel. All the material used in the construction of the towers represented more than 540,000 tons of weight.

For your design,the architect was inspired by the eight-pointed Islamic star, due to the strong Muslim influence in the country and because he wanted the buildings to become an emblem of Malaysia.

«Every great architect is necessarily a great poet. He must be an original interpreter of his time, his days, his age. »

-Frank Lloyd Wright-

One of the towers bowed

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The foundations of the towers are more than 120 meters deep. Nonetheless, one of the towers deviated almost 2.5 centimeters when the work was practically finished. After much work and complicated corrective measures, the problem was rectified and currently that deviation is only 0.2 centimeters.

A complicated cleaning

The Petronas Towers have 32,000 windows and 77,000 m² of glass panels. To clean all the crystals 5 months are necessary. This work is done twice a year, so there are only two months each year in which nobody is cleaning glass.

The bridge that unites them

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The bridge that joins both towers is known as "Sky Bridge" and It is located between floors 41 and 42. It has a complex bearing system in order to compensate for earthworks and provide buildings with greater stability. The weight of the bridge is 400 tons.

It is the tallest bridge in the world located between two buildings. It has a capacity of a thousand visitors every day, although it is not the highest point that tourists can access, since there is an incredible viewpoint on the 86th floor.

Tower owners and occupants

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The Petronas Towers were built to become the headquarters of the National Petroleum Corporation of Malaysia, although they belong to the Malaysian government. The construction costs of the towers amounted to a total of 950 million euros.

Apart from the Petronas offices, the towers also host Microsoft headquarters, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and the Suria Kentuki Commercial Center. The Petronas Towers also have numerous shops and restaurants. Therefore, they only need a hotel to become a real metal city with its own autonomy.

A record towers

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After the construction of the Petronas Towers, numerous skyscrapers were built around the world. It was not until 2004 when the height of these was exceeded, by 56 meters. The record was stolen from the Taipei 101 building, located in Taiwan.

The height record is currently exceeded every year or, at most, every two. Petronas Towers they are the ones that have kept the record of being the tallest building, 7 years.

They are not the tallest building in the world but yes they are still the highest twin towers on the planet. They exceed their followers by more than 100 meters, the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Another curiosity of the Petronas Towers that has to do with world brands is that they were the stage of luxury in the world base jump record, carried out in 1999 by Felix Baumgartner, known for his free fall jump from the stratosphere.

These are some of the curiosities of the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, Towers through which 10,000 people pass each day. And, in order to serve them, they have no less than 76 elevators. Incredible, right?

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