We discover the best destinations for summer

Summer is coming, the quintessential time to travel. Good weather, more hours of sun, children have no school, vacations at work ... In short, the rush hour of tourists. If you are looking for summer destinations, let yourself be advised by us! Here is our list of places to visit during this summer 2018. Enjoy it a lot!

The 7 best summer destinations

1. Iceland

Skogafoss Waterfall - Maridav

Did you not expect it! That island located north between Europe has many secrets kept for you. It is a place to live the seasons of the year in a different way: more or less cold, more or less light. But the ideal is to travel the entire island during a car trip that lasts a week.

But what makes Iceland more special is its wild nature full of glaciers, waterfalls, snow and volcanoes. Although it is not exactly a cheap destination, the experience will be worth it.

2. Peru

Rainbow Mountain - emperorcosar

We move to the other side of the planet to offer you a trip to Peru. If Iceland was all blue, gray and white, Peru is full of colors and life. Further, It has many archeological sites of ancient civilizations very interesting to visit.

But if we had to summarize Peru in an image, it would be the Rainbow Mountain. It is a mountain famous for its mineral wealth, which makes different colors appear along its surface.

It is located in the province of Canchis, in the region of Cusco, already in the Andes of Peru. Incredible true? For something it is one of the most recommended summer destinations!

3. Madeira (Portugal)

Madeira - Balate Dorin

For those travelers who prefer a destination similar to the Canary Islands, only alternative, there is the option of the Madeira archipelago. It is a very popular destination among tourists from all over Europe They travel looking for a hot place for summer.

Like the Canary Islands, they have a volcanic origin and its main activity is tourism. We recommend bathing on its beaches, diving, surfing or water sports in general.

As well you can enjoy their culture, expressed in museums and also in gastronomy. But above all, get ready to see some wonderful beaches, volcanoes and cliffs. The islands of the Madeira archipelago are incredible!

4. Malaysia

Temple in Malaysia - email protected / Flickr.com

MMany travelers opt for Malaysia to begin discovering the Asian continent. In 2017, reservations to visit Malaysia increased considerably, and statistics are expected to be maintained this year.

Malaysia is a great country with a mix of culture and religion very attractive. This makes it a very special country for those who wish to come into contact with different ways of life.

We recommend you visit its capital, Kuala Lumpur, to understand what we are telling you. There are endless plans to make and, above all, it is one of the best destinations for the summer, since there is hardly any humidity and you have many hours of light.

5. Malta

Valletta - Apostolis Giontzis

For those who have traveled all over Europe, do not forget the small Mediterranean island of Malta. In 2018 the capital of Malta, Valletta, is the European Capital of Culture. For this reason, it will become a popular summer destination.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate the temperatures are mild and you can practically travel in any season. Once there, We recommend visiting St. Elmo Square, and the cathedrals of St John's and St Paul's. Hurry before more people arrive!

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles - f11photo

It is one of the star destinations in the United States along with New York, San Francisco, etc. Here tourists from all over the world arrive, although there is usually a common pattern: moviegoers. Los Angeles is the scene of so many movie films that rightly all movie lovers want to walk its streets.

However, we have to tell you that during the summer this city is usually very hot and there is a considerable agglomeration of tourists. Keep that in mind in case you are looking for a quieter trip.

7. Finland

Thousand Lakes Region - Viacheslav Savitskiy

We finalize our list of destinations for the summer by offering you the opposite of Los Angeles: pure and hard tranquility. Finland is a green country and overturned with nature, formed by large forests, lakes, rivers and islands.

For this reason, it is a destination attended by many nature-loving tourists where they can do great hiking trails and other sports. Like Iceland, it's not a cheap country, but it's definitely worth it.. In addition to the natural, you also have museums and historical places very important for the country.

"Waking up alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in this world."

-Freya Stark-

So far our list of popular summer destinations. Did you like it? It is obvious that many places have been left off the list, but do not fear! Whatever your choice, surely you do not regret it. There are many places to travel and we have to organize to enjoy them all. Time to start planning!

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