We seek the hidden treasures of Malaysia

Today we have prepared an exciting trip to Southeast Asia. In this remote and exotic area of ​​planet Earth we will know the hidden treasures of Malaysia, a country that makes every visitor fall in love who dares to go into his romanticism and spectacularity.

How is Malaysia?

Malaysia is an ideal destination for lovers of good weather. A warm and humid country, its temperature ranges between 20 and 30 degrees throughout the year, so any time is perfect for a visit. However, the ideal time is usually winter and spring, because in summer and early autumn the rains are almost constant.

Further, Malaysia consists of a large peninsula and a series of islands in the known as Andaman Sea, which includes the incredible Malay Borneo. In general, it is a true earthly paradise in which adventure and exoticism are guaranteed.

Lambir Hills National Park - Fabio Lamanna

If there is something that stands out from the Malay paradise, there is no doubt that it is its nature. As we said, its excellent tropical climate gives rise to a series of forests and virgin forests that will be the engine of every visitor who likes adventure.

However, if your passion is to brown your skin in the tropical sun on wonderful white sand beaches and a dreamlike atmosphere, also the coasts of Malaysia are the ideal destination for those who love the sea above all, since its crystalline waters are very little crowded and are fantastic.

The hidden treasures of Malaysia

We begin to discover the hidden treasures of Malaysia. You can always visit its huge capital, Kuala Lumpur, for example. Frantic pace and big skyscrapers are the mark of the place. However, this country saves for the visitor who knows how to find endless secrets that are very valuable. Let's meet some.

Dungun on the island of Tengool

One of the secret treasures of Malaysia is undoubtedly Dungun. Located inside the Terengganu Marine Park, on the island of Tengool, it is a piece of coastline thatsoma to the China Sea among huge trees surrounded by humid and tropical jungle.

Cemerong waterfall, Dungun - shaifulzamri

Dungun is the true paradise for diving enthusiasts. Its seabed is truly incredible. Also, the beach is wonderful. Packed with fine sand in front of crystalline waters, you've never been closer to total Asian exoticism.

«Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better.»

-Albert Einstein-

Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut - hfng

Even though It is a small private island of Malaysia, Pangkor Laut is another of the most incredible destinations in the country. Every demanding traveler who wants to enjoy a unique place in the world specially designed to find peace, tranquility and nature must know this exclusive space of Asia.

Royal Belum Rainforest

Royal Belum Rainforest - BlackCat Imaging

Another of the exotic and hidden corners of Malaysia is the Royal Belum Rainforest. Packed with exotic plants and wildlife never seen before, like caterpillars of an incredible size, this piece of natural and tropical forest is one of the great treasures that the Asian country keeps and that is very unknown to the habitual visitor.

The essentials of Malaysia

However, Despite the hidden treasures of Malaysia, there are also what we can call the essentials. There are places in the exotic tropical country of Southeast Asia that are amazing and that everyone should see at some point in their life.

Kuala Lumpur - zhu difeng

The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a large modern metropolis whose symbol of the gigantic Petronas Towers is impossible not to discover. We must also know the religious tradition of the country in the Batu Caves, a few kilometers from the city, dedicated to Hindu rites.

Among the treasures of Malaysia we find the Perenthian Islands, ideal for diving enthusiasts for its coral reefs; the primary forest of Taman Negara, which remains intact after millions of years, or the city of Malacca, which stands out for its multiculturalism.

Perhentian Islands - haveseen

Other outstanding and incredible corners are the Sapilok Orangutan Sanctuary, in the state of Sabah; the Kinabatangan River, also in the Malay Borneo; Mount Kinabalu, the tallest in Southeast Asia; the trail of the head cutters in Sarawak or the Tungu Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Do you dare to start your visit in search of the hidden treasures of Malaysia? Well, don't think about it anymore and discover an exotic, natural and wonderful country where you can find your balance and your passion for the riches of the planet.

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