The most amazing and beautiful skylines

From the tallest buildings in the world an image in the middle of the sunset ... skylines are those lines in the sky created by the various constructions raised by man. They are part of the typical photos of the tourist destinations par excellence and you will surely know them without looking at the names (it can be a perfect game to show how much you know about tourism).

Which are the skylines more impressive?

Packed with high-rise buildings, bridges, monuments and temples, the skylines you should know live and direct are:

1. Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- Luciano Mortula

This modern city in the United Arab Emirates arises from the desert and undoubtedly draws attention to luxury and because the builders did not spare expenses. Dubai has one of the youngest urban horizons on the planet and the highest. The Burj Al Arab building and nearby hotels and offices give it a really impressive look.

2. Chicago

Chicago, United States - Skyline

This American city It has the Willis Tower, which with its 442 meters held the title of the tallest skyscraper in the world for 20 years. But it is not only he who is part of a beautiful skyline. The large number of modern buildings complete the image of this "tall" city.

3. Shanghai

Shanghai, China - chungking

There is no doubt that the Chinese city has the capacity to offer one of the most wonderful and captivating skylines, especially at night when the buildings are well lit. One of the largest economies in the world expands in all directions and constructions are consistent.

4. Toronto

Toronto, Canada - Ronald Sumners

One of the most important cities in Canada boasts the fourth tallest structure, the CN Tower, which with its antenna reaches 553 meters. As if that were not enough, there are another 4 buildings over 200 meters high each. Impossible that your skyline is not impressive!

5. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia - zhu difeng

The capital of Malaysia does not have a large conglomerate of buildings but the handful of buildings it offers are worth a place in this ranking. For example because in Kuala Lumpur are the Petronas Towers, the tallest twins in the world, with about 450 meters each.

«Architecture is the unbearable witness of history, because you cannot speak of a large building without recognizing in it the witness of an era, its culture, its society, its intentions ...»

-Octavio Paz-

6. Singapore

Singapore - anekoho

The densely populated city-state of Southeast Asia does not build buildings more than 280 meters high since its airport is very close. But nevertheless The business district (Central Business District) offers a good amount of skyscrapers side by side.

7. Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany -

This German city differs from other European cities in the amount of high-rise buildings on the banks of the river (we refer to the financial center with 5 buildings of more than 200 meters each). The bridges lit at night finish molding be beautiful skyline, which is seen from the distance and is one of the most admired in the continent.

8. Taipei

Taipei, China - Richie Chan

Popularly known as Taiwan, the capital of the Republic of China It has many interesting buildings, but without a doubt the best known is Taipei 101, the tallest ecological in the world. At night its skyline is completed with illuminated avenues and buildings on the sides of the environmental guard.

9. Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan - Luciano Mortula

Another overpopulated capital of Asia has a horizon line that is worth knowing. As they are used to in Japan, everything is super fabulous and modern. Skyscrapers are common currency but there is one of them that stands out among the rest: the Tokyo Sky Tree, the second tallest structure in the world, with 634 meters and a viewpoint at 450. Not recommended for fears!

10. Boston

Boston - United States - Galiptynutz

The sky of this city of the United States It does not have great or high-rise buildings but the whole complex is really nice and worthy of several photographs. It also has a bridge-highway with red lights and a homogeneous and calm air.

11. New York

New York, United States - turtix

The city of skyscrapers and one of the most visited in the world It is almost 50 buildings over 200 meters high each. In addition its skyline offers the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. I could not miss in this ranking!

12. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - dmitry_islentev

With his Christ the Redeemer and the Corcovado in the background (or vice versa) he is one of the best known skylines in the world. We can also see the well-lit city, the bay, the mountains and the islands. A whole show!

13. Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey - Seqoya

The most important city in Turkey has a lot to offer especially in the European part. With the Blue Mosque, Hagha Sofia and Topkapi Palace as maximum exponents of its architecture, religion and culture form a skyline that no one should miss knowing.

14. San Francisco

San Francisco, United States - kropic1

Who said the best horizon lines should be full of buildings? Just the city of the United States presents a “clean” skyline with the wonderful Golden Gate, the bay, the background buildings and several mountains.

These beautiful skylines are typical memories of every trip. To take thousands of photos!

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