Some places where you can take amazing photos

When we travel, we always want to keep good memories in unusual images. And we also love to see in the social networks those who are original when making their captures with the mobile or a good camera. If you want to know places to take amazing photos, join us.

It is true that in the world there are many fantastic destinations and millions of landscapes and monuments to photograph. And in them you can take pictures worthy of the influencers more famous.Although it will also depend on your skills as a photographer.

1. Hunan Bridge, China

Hunan Bridge - unge255_photostock /

It is the longest glass bridge in the world. It is located on the impressive canyon of Zhangjiajie and its originality has made it one of the favorite places for tourists.

The bridge is 430 meters long and 6 wide. Suspended 260 meters above the ground, if you are able to overcome the vertigo and the feeling of emptiness given by the transparent soil, you can make amazing photos.

2. Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, United States

Mendenhall Glacier - Serhat Akin

On the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska, ice passages are created that create fabulous images.The water that runs under the tongue of ice is creating these caverns, which can be traversed at certain times of the year.

The daylight that passes through the ice sheet gives life to a stamp from almost another planetin which blue tones dominate everything. Without a doubt, one of the best places to take amazing photos.

3. LOVE Sculpture, New York, United States /

Yes, this is also a place to take amazing photos. It is a sculpture in which the word 'love' is formed and found in New York. If crossing the puddle is too much for you, you can find another one in Milan.

Obviously, It is the perfect photo for couples, but even if you don't have someone to share the moment with, who can stop you from going out alone in front of her?

4. Disney's Cinderella Castle

Magic Kingdom Orlando - Jeff Krause /

It doesn't matter if you go to Orlando, Hong Kong or Paris. Having a photo in front of the castle of Disney princesses will be one of those unforgettable images that you will always want to have near you. Y, If you have small children, it can be one of your prettiest photographs.

5. Colorado Canyon, United States

Skywalk - Chris Khamken /

A snapshot in this fabulous scenery created by nature will be one of the most amazing photos you can ever take. The Grand Canyon will test your photographer skills, offering you spectacular prints wherever you look.

But nevertheless, We recommend the Skywalk, a walkway suspended in the air and with glass floor. From it you will take amazing photos, towards the front, down, back or wherever you want. Any perspective will be awesome!

6. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa - Gilbert Sopakuwa / Flickr. com

Today it is the largest building in the world and is located in the luxurious city of Dubai. It is 828 meters high and going up to its viewpoint will allow you to have one of the best perspectives of the city, from which you have to take a yes or yes picture.

7. Brooklyn Bridge, New York, United States

Marco Brockmann

Yes, it may sound topical, but it is that Going to New York and not taking a picture on its mythical bridge, it makes no sense! In addition, it hides different corners in which to make incredible photos from amazing perspectives. Many people even stop or hide so you can get a photo alone.

8. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Eiffel Tower - pisaphotography

The most famous tower in the world is the perfect place to take amazing photos. The complicated thing is to get the image in full or look for that original or surprising angle, but with a little effort and imagination you can achieve it.

There are several places from where you can take a picture of the entire tower. Or, if you are very close ask 'your photographer' to lie on the floor to be able to capture it completely with you in front. Y You can also capture wonderful snapshots from your feet or viewpoints.

9. Arizona, United States. A thousand sites to take amazing photos

Jacqueline Poggi /

In Arizona there are landscapes that will leave you speechless. In addition to those of the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley, the Antelope Canyon stands out. It is of an indescribable beauty, especially when the sun enters it and is reflected in the reddish tones of its sinuous rocks.

"The most important component of a camera is behind it."

-Ansel Adams-

¿You have already chosen among these places to make amazing photos which one is your favorite? We already know it! Everyone!

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