The safest cities in the world. Which are?

When we are looking for a destination to travel on our next vacation, one of the aspects that we have more in mind is safety. We want to live adventures, yes, but if possible without risking our integrity. Do you want to know the safest cities in the world?

These are the safest cities in the world

1. Tokyo, Japan


In the last decadesJapan has been gaining relevance for its advanced progress in what has to do with technology, infrastructure, education and, of course, security. Therefore, not only has it become one of the dream destinations to enjoy vacations, but also to move.

TokyoIt remains the first in the list of safest cities in the world since 2015. He has achieved it thanks to his good taste, marked in the contrasts between modernity and tradition, and his calm and safe environment.

2. Singapore


Like what happens in the Japanese capital, in Singapore you can see a mixture of the most traditional with the most innovative. Two worlds fused to perfection that attract millions of travelers every year and many other people who see work or business opportunities here.

Among the highlights of this city, its bay, where you can see the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer or the spectacular Bay Gardens. Of the most traditional corners, you can mention the Clarke or Little India pier.

3. Osaka, Japan


We return to Japan because another of its cities in third place on the list. You could say that Japan is a safe country, without more. Although Osaka is one of the largest cities in the country, with two and a half million inhabitants, they assure you a vacation or a quiet, safe and pleasant life in it.

Among the highlights to meet in Osaka we have to talk about the castle, the Tsutenkaku tower, Dotonbori or its famous temples, with the Shintennoji.

4. Toronto, Canada


Surely if we think of safe cities or countries, Canada comes to mind. And so, because Toronto is the fourth in the list of safest cities in the world. It is a modern city that does not even reach two centuries of life, so all that awaits you there is modernity on all four sides.

This does not make it much less interesting. Its CN Tower, 553 meters high, will surprise you. And the San Lorenzo market or the islands on Lake Ontario will put the attraction your vacation needs. And if you move to live there, you will surely discover unrepeatable corners.

5. Melbourne, Australia


This is the fifth in the ranking of safer cities, perhaps because it is considered the most European city in Australia. In fact, not only is it positioned in a good place as a safe city, but also It was named for seven consecutive years as the best city in the world to live.

This city has fashion stores full of luxury and modernity, but also vestiges of past eras, such as the botanical gardens or the Queen Victoria market. Not to mention its beaches ...

6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Europe has been characterized largely as a safe continent, and Amsterdam, is one of the European cities located at the top of the list of safest cities in the world.

Her beauty is unmatched, but the environment that the city has achieved based on effort is what attracts travelers the most and to the nomads. In addition to walking through the canals and visiting its museums, don't forget to visit the house of Anna Frank or the Red Light District.

7. Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera

And again, we fly to Australia to talk about its biggest city and one of the safest cities in the world. In this case, its high population, which in the metropolitan area is close to five million inhabitants, is not reflected in high levels of insecurity.

Sydney is a city full of charm, of luxury and modernity, of tradition and culture; With a calm, relaxed and safe environment.

«Every place where we feel safe in a treasure.»

-Jan Jansen-

8. Stockholm, Sweden


Little cities are able to fuse the modern with tradition as masterfully as Swedish cities do, and especially their capital. They say that there everyone goes to theirs, which is why Crime rates are well below those of many other cities.

If you are curious to know some of the safest cities in the world, we can tell you that in the list are Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt, San Francisco, Chicago or Washington. Do you already know which you will visit first?

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