The most amazing train stations in the world

That they are places of passage, and often in a hurry, does not mean that you do not have to look at them. And is that some train stations are spectacular, authentic works of art They deserve a stop along the way to admire its architecture and details. These that we are going to show you are some of those Train Stations Beautiful, unique and hard to forget.

1. Liège-Guillemins, Liege (Belgium)

Liège-Guillemins - Beketoff /

We start with a futuristic building, designed by Santiago Calatrava. A station built in steel, concrete and glass in which a fabulous dome stands out, which is no less than 200 meters long and 35 meters high. And, despite its huge dimensions, it gives a feeling of lightness. Perhaps because of its curved lines and the light that enters without any impediment.

2. Kanazawa Station (Japan)

Kanazawa Station - Korkusung /

In the purest Japanese style, tradition and modernity merge masterfully in this train station. Its entrance: a structure that recalls the Shinto temples of the country. Behind her, a modern steel and glass building is discovered. And a curiosity: outside, a source shows the time as if it were a digital clock.

3. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai (India)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus - Ralph Kränzlein /

One of the most incredible train stations that exist. So much that it is a World Heritage Site. It was built at the end of the 19th century and the works lasted ten years. The result: a magnificent building that blends the style of the traditional palaces of the country with influences from Western Gothic. Always bustling, it is worth stopping a few moments to admire it, it is really unique.

4. Antwerp Station (Belgium)

Antwerp Station - SvetlanaSF /

It is one of the most spectacular train stations that you can contemplate. A beautiful stone-clad building that holds many surprises. From its wonderful facade to the dome of your waiting room or the delicate decorative elements. Not forgetting its magnificent dimensions: the structure that protects the road, made of iron and concrete, is 185 meters long and 44 meters high.

5. Central Station, Milan (Italy)

Milan Central Station - Kirill Neiezhmakov

It was inaugurated in 1931, but the works were so long that his is a mixture of incredible styles, although it is easy to find decorative motifs of the art nouveau and of art deco. But if you have to mention something is its facade, with more than 200 meters wide and crowned by a spectacular vault 72 meters high. One of the most beautiful train stations in Europe and also with more passenger traffic.

6. Atocha, Madrid (Spain). One of the most unique train stations

Atocha Station - Yulia Grigoryeva /

On the outside it is a beautiful nineteenth-century building that combines brick with iron and glass. But The surprise is inside, transformed into a vergel. In this Madrid station the roads gave way to a beautiful covered garden. An authentic oasis in the heart of the city.

7. Haydarpasa Station, Istanbul (Turkey)

Haydarpasa station - muratart

A neoclassical building houses this station, opened in 1909. For years it was the busiest station in Turkey. But if there is something that makes it special, it is not its architecture, which is really beautiful, not even its history. What makes it special is its situation, overlooking the waters of the Bosphorus. In fact, it rose on land reclaimed from the sea.

8. Grand Central Station, New York (United States)

Grand Central Station - Emases /

Mythical station where there are them. Its large lobby is unmistakable, as are its staircase or its clock. Cinematic scene in well-known films, the data of this station already almost a hundred years dizzy: 44 platforms, 67 routes and half a million passengers a day. And, of course, a curiosity: the constellations that adorn the ceiling of the lobby are turned upside down.

9. St. Pancras, London (United Kingdom)

St. Pancras - Patrick Wang /

A Victorian station that is head of the modern Eurostar. It is, in fact, the only international station in London. A giant neo-Gothic style red brick facade and iron and glass interior With a convulsive story. It was bombed in World War II and years later its demolition was raised. Fortunately, the station could with the events and today is one of the treasures of London.

1st. Rotterdam Central Station (Netherlands)

Rotterdam Central Station - Nicky Boogaard /

It is one of the most important transport centers in the Netherlands. One hundred thousand people pass through this avant-garde design station in which metal and wood are mixed creating a unique effect. The weeping shape of its entrance and the thousands of solar cells on its roof make it one of the most unique buildings in the Netherlands.

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